Judgement on using Equipment by m rare vs price vs boots

I just got a equipment , obviously , the attributes are both underperforming to the original one. But the new one is green in Color , old one is blue . 

Take the new one. Has higher leadership and reduces power cool down.

color of equipment doesn’t matter. A god level item obtained when your hero was level 4 will be of lesser quality than an epic/rare item the hero obtained at level 14.

Thx , Color doesn’t matter . But still if the Color , or the Color referred names, or if the price is higher , I can assume it is blather or rarer , m I perceived it correctly ?

  1. Gold items are the best ones, if you sell one, they cost more than 10k


  1. Blue

  2. Green

  3. Grey (ordinary items, which have no additional buffs, and cost a little)




But it depends also on the hero-level, when the gear was found!

As you can see above a green item for a level 12 hero is stronger than a blue gear for a level 8 hero …

Don`t look at the color, just at the attributes!!!