juggernaut boost + stunning ogre = epilepsy

juggernaut boost + stunning ogre = epilepsy

not that i’m affected by it but trust me that it’s really bad for the eyes!

No worries, I already can’t tell what I’m looking at half the time, might as well play blind. :wink:

This is a suggestion? LOL

Oh well, “we’ll discuss it and see if we can implement in a future update”  


You mean about the color?. Yeah its a suggestion made many years ago. We have suggest many time to change colors of units. If you have Ogres Vs Ogres and not just 1 but like 5 or 6. On maybe 5 or 6 Ogres you don’t know where looking and become died. A long time we wish Flare will do something about this

Let’s me see. a circle blue and circle red confuse. during the action you don’t have the time to see if the short of the ogre is red or blue. So I think maybe give him a T-shirt and make it blue or red. I am sure this way no more confusion to know if the Ogre its yours or not

I’m playing on an old phone, and with the lag/delay I can’t see sh!t!

I just made a post about this…


i agree with oPelle here, imho the stunning effect for stunning ogree or mummy should be rework with less flashy effect, instead lightning pillar like effects, because in a raid on a base that with a lot of lightning tower with juggernaut+stunning oger and boosted mummy may probably induce epileptic to some people, especially for younger player (elementary grade age player). i think some grayish pilar of wind current that move from up to down might work better

And if the opposing beast is Phoebe, you’ll have to wear sunglasses to play.