Jumpers solution

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Now the number of maxed alliances are massive compared to the number of kings that have qualification to join max alliances, So most of alliances lower its conditions to accept kings and almost calling for new members after each war, … Because of the high demand of players constantly. that create a jumping Ideal environment where some losers who can’t do thing without full boost always jump to the alliances which won previous war boost,


in this current war season we in HUNS alliance suffered huge blow cause when we face three fronts first day and new non-loyal members saw they can’t fight (or even try to) against many fronts and hard enemies and they took the easy way and jumped there way to anther alliances with chance to win.


we had 9 jumpers and we are screwed in the worst way even against alliances we could beat in normal day.


i will never complain about facing three alliances in one war, i see it chance to gain more skulls and better way to have fun.


but flare should do something to stop the non-stop jumping that alot alot of people do due to high demand among maxed alliances.


My suggest  is during war season if you got kicked or left your alliances you can’t even join anther alliance before the war end or at least 3 days cool down


that will make jumping impossible cause jumper will cause him self many days without alliance boost which he will not survive so people will forced to respect their war responsibility with his current alliance

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However yes i agree that something should be done to decrease or avoid completely damages from people that join and left immediately, also your suggestion of that y_ou can’t join another alliance after you leave the alliance you were into during the war season_ seems acceptable personally.

I would even go further, players that didn’t help the alliance during all wars in war season should not be able to profit from war boosts. To prevent players from only doing one fight per war, minimum requirement would be at least three fights per war against three different opponents. This would motivate players to do their best helping their team during war season and to stay loyal.


If you leave for a visit and return, you would miss the war boosts during that visit. When you return to the alliance where you won those boosts previous season, you should get them back (you do fit in requirement, you fought all wars for that team).


This is the only way to make players loyal to an alliance. Players that leave their alliance for going to another team would need to do their best to get war boosts as reward. Jumpers would be in deep trouble, only normal boosts would be their part.and leaving your alliance during a war season would automatically mean that your war boosts are gone .

i wish mu suggest be heard in the flare board and try to apply it very soon cause alot of alliance are





There is alliance that they Always exchange player depend on war map…

With this they cant do much that exchanging,


It’s the only way of stopping jumpers. So for me a big +1.

thanks guys for the support … now its up to flare to do the right thing +1



That’s kind of what I was suggesting a few weeks ago: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6994-ideas-to-improve-alliances-members-loyalty-recruitment/


If players transfers history was tracked and displayed in the profile, jumpers would be easily recognized and unwanted.

If players who have been in their alliance a long time were able to donate more, alliances with loyal members would be stronger.

If players leaving an alliance had to wait 24h before joining another, there would be no such quitters or exchange moves during wars


You’re welcome FG for my suggestions. :grinning:

Nothing can change the way jumpers…well…jump, only the jumper can fix himself(coming from a past jumper, PAST Im NOT a JUMPER…got it!!!)

Cut off there legs… dont think theyll be able to do much jumping after that :confused: