We have many players joining using our boosts and then leaving which is really unfair on those players that have spent time and money building the alliance could we introduce a small gem fee maybe (100gems) for joining an alliance?? Or a gem fee for leaving it. This would indeed I think stop a lot of jumping, infact it’s such a problem ingame there are in fact whole feeds and Facebook pages dedicated to these players. 

Thanks you

I don’t think a fine is necessary, but there’s always a way to make a jumper learn his lesson. Attack him nonstop…


If one has to pay to join, then it won’t be fair to him if he gets kicked immediately.


If one has to pay to leave, then he’ll just sit there and not do any war or donate any gold. In fact, during war, he’ll just open his base.


The status quo is already the best. Manage the team manually, and if your team is good people will stay.


Bad idea the alliance has more to lose than jumper.