June/July Answers

Greetings Mortals,

Here are the answers to your questions (sorry for the long delay). I have split them into two sections, with the more technical questions in the second section, as they required further research and investigation from our designers.

Part One

Just as the son of Iapetos can defy physics by holding up the heavens, his fire from his towers can defy laws of thermodynamics by remaining equally hot throughout their journey. The fire is just as hot when it reaches its outermost point as when it first leaves the tower.

This is exactly the purpose of making these sessions bi-monthly. We are very busy crafting gods and training beasts, so it sometimes takes us a very long time to respond. If you have very urgent questions, please ask them in a different thread.

You can expect this in the near past.

I will try and get you more answers from the team for this interesting question (edit: an answer from Chris can be found in Part Two, I promise I didn’t show him my answer before getting his!).

For me (Captain Morgan), it would be a tie between the War mechanics and Trophy system. If we started from scratch I would make the Trophy system entirely seasonal (perhaps a season system throughout all major game features). This may also be where we head in the future. As for the Wars, I would have loved to diverge more from the RR2 style War System, and use a more real-time system, where individual players move to, contest and defend individual islands, instead of only the entire Alliance moving and striking as a whole. We actually had a design for this, but it was not feasible at the time.

In terms of keeping exactly as it is, that is quite difficult, as with almost all features there are always things you want to improve. I think the defense-building mechanics themselves, and the pure strategy they can involve are my favourite part of the game. I love that even small changes can make a big difference and each person can have their own tricks and focusses.

We’ll look into it.

Yes, but they will not be accessible from the Trophy Leaderboard.

Not really, as we don’t have an algorithm for checking who is “real”, other than checking whether someone is cheating.


Part Two

Q: so i can use/redirect reflected damage help me to destroy gate, units,barricades and towers? depending where my hero faces to…(positioning). the reflected damga does not go back to its sender, it reflects in a 110° cone in front of your hero?

A: Correct. You can control in which direction the damage is reflected by turning your Hero.

Q: e.g. in the above picture, the GK attacks my perseus who reflects damage further to the gate (the golden cone). the GK itself has also a slight visible cone in front of him… is this due to dealt area damage? and where do the blood spit come from (demolition? - if it is demolition didnt you say it does not work at GK and gate?)?

A: The cone on the GK also comes from damage reflection. This means that the GK took damage, maybe from one of the arrows that are shot by the Gate?
Area damage has no visual effect. The blood comes from your Hero who gets hit by the GK (or damage reflected by the GK).

Q: in this situation (positioning) can the damage of the phönix that is reflected from the GK be used to reflect it back? you said that reflected damage cant be reflected back (to the sender?) so it cant bounce back and forth… but can a reflected damage from another source be used to reflect it back? and in this scene we also see a reflect cone, but also some golden strips… where does this come from?

A: Reflected damage can’t be reflected back, no matter where it came from originally.

Q: here also… is this maybe from unblockable reflected damage, or something comepletely different? the ice to be seen here is frostbite proc, i asume.

A: It’s hard to see in the picture but I guess it’s because the intensity of the damage reflection cone gets stronger the higher the damage that is reflected. I’m pretty sure that this creates the additional golden stripes.
Yes, the ice effect comes from the Frostbite proc.

Q: if AD is used, do e.g. stun or petrify … when they proc also get distributed in a cone? (edit: this and also AD-damage sent out from a primary source would respect given laws. but i have to admit that every area damage concept feels hard to implement it in a proper way, and its „just“ a game)

A: Having Area Damage actually makes things such a Stun and Petrify much more useful because every target in the cone has a chance to be stunned/petrified (for the full duration each) with every attack the Hero does.

Q: Animation stays unchanged past 130% AS. Increasing AS after this point will increase the damage per hit, but how about other perks?

Let’s say I have 13K LoH and 130% AS. Each hit (ignore the slow and fast hits for now) will give me 13K life. If somehow I increase AS to 200% without changing LoH (still 13K), would each hit gives me 20K life?
In a similar case where I have 65% stun and 130% AS. Each hit has 65% probability of stun. If I increase AS to 200%, would each hit now give me 100% probability of stun? If yes, would it mean that at 200% AS, 65% of stun is the same as 75% of stun (or demolition, petrify, FB)?

A: Only the damage is increased past 130%. So after this point, additional Attack Speed won’t improve other on-hit Perks such as LoH or Stun Chance.

Q: If you had to start from scratch and re-build Olympus Rising, what game mechanic would you most like to change/streamline/simplify/improve (and how would you do it, if you know)?

What mechanic would you probably want to keep exactly as-is?

A: For me (Chris) the worst offender is definitely the Trophy system. It has caused a lot of problems, confusion and frustration for both the players and us, the developers. I would like to have a more positive and transparent system that doesn’t feel so punishing and unfair. Changing the way this works is very dangerous though as any little change can potentially lead to huge irreversible gains or losses in Trophies, messing up the whole leader board. Matchmaking also depends on Trophies which makes it even harder to change this system now.

We also had very big and exciting plans for the Alliance Wars in OR which we unfortunately had to scrap. This is why the Wars turned out to be very similar to the ones in RR2 with only few changes here and there.

Q: 1- I would like to know if DR works against Phoenix and Griffin, since they’re immune to their own damage.
If they do get damaged, that means the DR doesn’t have an element(as I understood from some comments around the forum)
And if that works, what happens if I have like 8 phoenix’s attacking a GK that has DR? Does the damage reflected go all to the hero that’s attacking the GK since all the phoenix’s stand far away from him(meaning the hero would get a shitload of damage reflected to him from the GK?)

A: Yes, exactly.

Q: 2- in april/may questions Morgan mentioned that any attack speed above 130% doesn’t actually increase attack speed, but the damage, that got me thinking about the change that was made to GKs to normalize the LOH/AS combo. What happens if I get 169%AS? That means I have 30% over the 130%(1.3×1.3), which should mean I do 30%more damage per attack, to have equivalent damage to 169% AS. So that begs the question, what happens to the LOH in that case? Does it increase 30% aswell, which would mean that stacking AS would still increase regen provided by LOH or does it mean that you’ll actually have less LOH since it’ll get lowered because of your AS bonus, but you don’t actually attack faster to compensate for the loss in it through hitting more often?

A: As mentioned earlier, LoH doesn’t get artificially increased like damage beyond 130% Attack Speed. Stacking more AS beyond this point won’t increase the health gained from LoH. As Perseus already has 135% AS (at level 20) you can’t increase his LoH by equipping item with AS.

Q: 3- I’d really like to know what’s the chance of getting uniques through normal titan chests and sea titan chests, or at least a rough estimate, aswell as a unique marketplace for gems, which we could sell/buy with other players. I only ask that because the game seem to really want me to play ariadne and Prometheus, as from my 18 uniques, 12 have been for those 2…

A: The base chance of getting a Unique is 1%. Every time you get a Titan item that is not Unique, this chance increases by 0.2% (so 1.0% -> 1.2% -> 1.4% and so on) until you find one.
The fact that you mostly get Uniques for Ariadne and Prometheus is very unfortunate. All items for all Heroes have the same drop chance, only the trinkets are much rarer.

Q: 4- what about implementing some kind of option to “refine” old 5star titan items to be on par with my current level? As sometimes I get an amazing cursed item just to see it being useless in 8-10 levels

A: This would be way to easy, don’t you think? If you properly superforge an item it can last a good bit longer than 8-10 levels though. But at some point you will have to replace your old items anyway. That’s how it’s always been in RPGs :wink:

Q: Can you please bring some clarity about the (hidden) item level and what ist its relation to you player level (when it drops out of a box or when it is refined)and how is it affected by the forge?
is there an easy way to estimate the level of an item by having a look on the values of the base and the perks?
when it comes to refines should we speak of the level of an item or more of the level of a perk? (since they get stronger and stronger the „older“ these perks are or have been forged)

A: Every item you find has an item level that is your current Ascension Level randomly offset by a (float) value between -2 and +1. So a level 150 player can find level 148 to 151 items (unless it’s a cursed item, then the level is offset by +1 to +2, so level 151 to 152 items). This item level only defines the item’s base stat (Damage, Health or Leadership). Based on this item level all perks on the item then get a random perk level which is the item level offset by -2 to +1. Rarities increase these levels by 4 each (so up to +20 for Titan items).

The value of every perk depends on the perk level. All percentage perks increase by 5% with every level (starting at item level 50, the percentages are lower before that). Others are more complicated such as LoH which is always a percentage of your potential base health which increases by ~2% per level.

To make it a little bit more complicated, the values of the actual perks are once again multiplied by a percentage that depends on the rarity (e.g. 50-60% for Epic items or 90-100% for Titan items).

Forging always adds at least +1 to your item’s level (and its perk levels). Destroying a 2-star item adds +1.1, 3-star adds +1.2, 4-star adds +1.3 and 5-star adds +1.4 levels. Refining an item effectively reduces its level (and perk levels) by 20.

Older perks have higher levels because they have been (super-)forged more often than new perks.

Q: how did you solve the problem with damage calculation when frostbite and demolition crit at the same time or did you e.g. delay one of them to the next swing but with a guaranteed crit (if so, which one is delayed)?

A: This was simply a matter of the order in which these effects were handled by the code. Before the fix, Demolition was calculated first, increasing your damage to 50% of the remaining tower/barricade HP. Then Frostbite increased this damage by 200% which would lead to one-shotting the obstacle. Now both damage numbers get calculated separately and only the higher one is used, which is usually the Demolition damage.

Q: What are the chances to get double cursed trinket from Valut of Hephaestus and all kinds of chests (War,Odyssey,daily,cursed Titan,bought chests…)? Do some in-game conditions affect to obtain more double cursed trinkets in short period of time?

A: Every time you find an item (no matter from where) it has a chance to be cursed. This chance depends on the item’s rarity:

Epic: 1%
Legendary: 2%
Eternal: 3%
Godlike: 5%
Titan: 10%

The cursed item then gets random perks with a certain chance of being “cursed perks”. For trinkets, this chance is ~57% per perk. So a cursed trinket has a ~33% chance of having 2 of these perks on it.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: tysm @CaptainMorgan

If increasing attack speed over 130% doesn’t increase life steal or the actual attack speed then why did you do that change to the statue in which it loses life steal to balance with your attack speed? So that means that if I add attack speed to my statue I not only won’t heal more, but heal less… I won’t hit faster and will lose loh. That makes no sense, something is wrong.
If loh doesn’t increase with AS then why was the loh+AS stack even broken in the first place?

Also, I think everyone agrees with me here:
Please make every rarirty of item to have the same chance to be a cursed one. If I get a cursed gold/titan for one of the heroes I don’t play too much i literally have to sell it as it’s impossible to break. Or at least make us be able to dismantle them to forge.
Last titan cursed titan chest I got cursed titan gloves for Achilles and it’s 300barricades. I literally can’t do it

If you just make the higher one do damage that means that if I have a lot of frostbite and demo they will diminish each other’s effects against towers, as they can’t proc at the same time. Why not make them both proc if it so happens they roll a crit on the same hit?
Just do frostbite damage first and then demolition, that would Always do more damage than Just demo or just fb, but wouldn’t be broken since demo is half of remaining health(which would have been lowered already)
What if I have 75% demo and 10% FB, let’s say I hit 5 times on a lapetus and 5 times on a Apollo, there’s a pretty high chance I proc FB on one of those hits, but there’s a 75% chance it will be when demo also crits, making one of the crits go to waste

I dont know if this has changed, but green 1% makes so much sense… @dumpster , last time we talked, did you argue that it was the same chance or that it hasn’t changed (I said greens look a lot rarer).

The range of levels, for items seems to be what we were discussing since the boost forge era. Cursed “level” also aligns with what we have been saying (1 level = 1 forge). But the refine drop in level, is kinda confusing.

Refining increases the level of main, and reduces the perk (and that also depends on a few things), I find no logic in that answer @CaptainMorgan . Why would it decrease? We are making it stronger. Is that hidden level used in a different way, because for us, the visible part is quite obvious.

Thanks for the answers!

I thought it could just be selection bias because I open a lot more gold/red chests than any other, but higher % chance obviously makes sense too

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I A: The cone on the GK also comes from damage reflection. This means that the GK took damage, maybe from one of the arrows that are shot by the Gate?

I dont understand,das the gate attack it’s own GK?

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The logic after that as far as I understand, relates to the item overall strength, since u add a 2nd/3rd perk, obviously it can not boost them all coz it will end up in a sort of exploit so they do increase the base more.
But my concern is more about item levels, smth that we both discussed couple of weeks ago. @CaptainMorgan says that it is -1, -2/+1 but their drop goes far beyond that -2. If at my current level the highest value of green item I can get it is 39k, the lowest it is around 25k, so Cap do enlighten me, how can 25k be related to 2 Ascension level ago? It’s a strength that belongs to much lower levels, why do we have to get those values even after 15-20 new levels?

(unless it’s a cursed item, then the level is offset by +1 to +2, so level 151 to 152 items)

good day, what is a maximum level of object?

He says the base rolls -2/+1, but then the perk rolls again based off of that. So health on a vest wouldn’t vary too much, but the resist will

I’m referring to the item level. FYI I once did spend 10k gems just to find a CD cape for my Athena that could match my level, everything else was a way low. ThIS is an Issue that I badly hope devs fix it asap, not that I asked but it affects every single player in this game.

I agree 100%. Spent 2k gems and the best cadmus gloves I got were not even halfway through the value range…

And to illustrate what I meant above, here’s a screenshot and I’m level 147 (about to jump to 148).

He did say for main… and as I have said in the past, the perks as you level up, have a much greater span of values. I didn’t have the time to check it out, but the span can be bigger for two reasons. Firstly, looking at absolute numbers, 5% or 20% of a value is much higher on 200k than on 50k, and secondly, they may have tweaked it a bit, to make it harder to get very high perks… it makes sense to me, though I dont think I fully agree to it.


If this is true, why does increasing AS on a GK above 130% decrease LOH? It should just not increase LOH (and increase damage), but it dramatically decreases LOH. Am I misunderstanding you?


Thats a very good question, and if you don’t get an answer, ask it in the topic please.

I was told several times the last few wars, that you need 200% AS to beat some of the best GK’s. I am not focusing on that right now, not before I get to 150. And in fact, I failed to kill those 2-3 we were talking about. I had more than 130% which means all I was missing was damage. While in fact, we were stressing the fact of 200% because it increases stun/frostbite/petrify and so on, which makes the battle in your favor. I am guessing the hit rate is also faster, or is that translated in the damage.

And by the answer we had a while ago when @Marinien asked I think, we discussed that the 30% is where the animation STOPS being faster, but everything else is in fact “faster” in calculations. Excluding LOH on GK (and of course not on hero).

I didn’t pay attention to CM’s answer, because it suited me (I don’t want 200% right now). However, Dumpster brings up a brilliant point, it does matter if it boosts everything or not. And I would also like to know please. Thanks



Thats literally what my question was back ou July.
Cm is probably misinformed here. If it didn’t increase LOH why was it even OP to stack AS and LOH in the first place??? Perseus has more than 30% passive so it shouldn’t affect loh at all.
That’s a big issue

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i also noticed that giving AS to a GK may decrease its LoH value even without changing its LoH items or health. maybe it has to do with the heros own AS bonus and not respecting this when applying the LoH reduction for GK or other reasons. perseus has 135% AS already as a hero bonus. so it would fit into the concept to nerf AS for perseus GK.
but i agree to what you have written. it feels strange that you loose LoH when using a perseus GK with extra AS, but i thought that it was intended. the 130% information was very useful.

edit: i did not read the answer of CM carefully… he also said that giving AS to perseus is not good. but he did not mentioned that you decrease the LoH on a perseus GK. and… since the perseus GK has already 135% (not 130 as i wrote earlier) and every AS more decreses its LoH, does this mean that with a perseus GK i cannot gain as much LoH as with another GK where i theoretically could give him 130% AS?

edit2: personal note: i like it the way it is right now, maybe it helps to see other GK more often and in addition i have a perk that i can save for other stuff on a perseus GK.

just to clarify: the values of LoH does not increase (and for [some] GK it might also get down atm) and other “proc chance perks” if we stack AS beyond 130% BUT since (the offensive) hero performs more hits in a second we still get more e.g. life back from hits or proc chances PER PLAYTIME (or second) with higher AS%. or am i wrong?