June/July Questions

Time for a new round of questions. Go for it!

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Q: do lapetos tower respect physics?
i.e. does the amout of damage done to units/hero decrease with increasing radius of the fire ring, s.t. the initial energy of the fire wave that is sent out from the tower at least remains constant (or are even losses included)? or how does it work? maybe there is an not visible energy reservoir (fuel) sent out that burns with a given combustion rate? s.t. the ring stops burning when the “fuel” is burnt up? or does it get energy from the environment?

I can tell you that once the fire ring reaches your hero, it does all the damage, and if your hero goes through the fire ring again, it wont affect him/her (the same ring).

I think the ring is like a one shot damage. Its constantly the same, anywhere, anyway… and does 1 time full damage.


i did not test multiple crossings, thx. but i also have the feeling like the distance from the tower (unlike nyx) does not matter here, so this type of tower gets stronger the better its range is. unlike spotted damage or a small sector it does full damage to every unit crossing the fire ring. so i thought maybe thats a question for here.

P.S: grats to your anniversary today (the cake picture) :slight_smile:

Its a good question, they can help us understand more. I think the damage is the same even if you hit it while its “fading out”.

3 years ? I was looking to see what it is, not clickable.

Yes. 3 years. Click Cakeday in the Hamburger menu

it had a tooltip (moving mouse cursor over the cake, then the discription showed up)

since the “Unavailable Next Week” post is 23days ago and its almost JULY, when can we really expect the answers of ARIL&MAY questions?