June/July Questions

Time for a new round of questions. Go for it!


Q: do lapetos tower respect physics?
i.e. does the amout of damage done to units/hero decrease with increasing radius of the fire ring, s.t. the initial energy of the fire wave that is sent out from the tower at least remains constant (or are even losses included)? or how does it work? maybe there is an not visible energy reservoir (fuel) sent out that burns with a given combustion rate? s.t. the ring stops burning when the “fuel” is burnt up? or does it get energy from the environment?

I can tell you that once the fire ring reaches your hero, it does all the damage, and if your hero goes through the fire ring again, it wont affect him/her (the same ring).

I think the ring is like a one shot damage. Its constantly the same, anywhere, anyway… and does 1 time full damage.


i did not test multiple crossings, thx. but i also have the feeling like the distance from the tower (unlike nyx) does not matter here, so this type of tower gets stronger the better its range is. unlike spotted damage or a small sector it does full damage to every unit crossing the fire ring. so i thought maybe thats a question for here.

P.S: grats to your anniversary today (the cake picture) :slight_smile:

Its a good question, they can help us understand more. I think the damage is the same even if you hit it while its “fading out”.

3 years ? I was looking to see what it is, not clickable.

Yes. 3 years. Click Cakeday in the Hamburger menu

it had a tooltip (moving mouse cursor over the cake, then the discription showed up)

since the “Unavailable Next Week” post is 23days ago and its almost JULY, when can we really expect the answers of ARIL&MAY questions?

When we try to refine an item, we know 100% what perk gets onto that item. So instead of “?”, the final perk can be displayed. It will be helpful & easy to understand the refining process.
Can we expect this in the near future ???

Q: (also regarding refining/perk transfe): on a trinket, every ability is treated as a perk, right (therefore also the normalizarion process is different)? so the left perk on the lower line (also from a refined trinket) can also be transferred to another item, right? so you never can be sure which perks are beeing transferred when using a fully refined gold trinket. because even if it contains the base ability of the item you want to pimp it does not mean anything since base and perks are treated now differently (refined items can have an ability twice as a base and a perk), right? or has the process of refining changed somehow if trinkets are envolved (e.g. the left, bottom ability can not be transferred like it is the case for base ability of other items)?

You’re correct. Trinkets are bad refining fodder for this reason.


so in this example, if i want to transfer the demolition perk from a trinket to another item, this has to have already the lightning resistance as a perk on it.
Q: does it makes a difference if this perk (edit: i mean the lightning resistance perk on the item where i want to transfer demolition to) would be a normal perk or a perk from a cursed item (that normally does not occur on that item?

and for this example to transfer damage, the other item has to have CD and AS as perks (and therefore minimum silver), right?


Q: can you give pictures of how animations look like when certain perks crit and explain what we see?

Q: so i can use/redirect reflected damage help me to destroy gate, units,barricades and towers? depending where my hero faces to…(positioning). the reflected damga does not go back to its sender, it reflects in a 110° cone in front of your hero?

e.g. in the above picture, the GK attacks my perseus who reflects damage further to the gate (the golden cone). the GK itself has also a slight visible cone in front of him… is this due to dealt area damage? and where do the blood spit come from (demolition? - if it is demolition didnt you say it does not work at GK and gate?)?

in this situation (positioning) can the damage of the phönix that is reflected from the GK be used to reflect it back? you said that reflected damage cant be reflected back (to the sender?) so it cant bounce back and forth… but can a reflected damage from another source be used to reflect it back? and in this scene we also see a reflect cone, but also some golden strips… where does this come from?
here also… is this maybe from unblockable reflected damage, or something comepletely different? the ice to be seen here is frostbite proc, i asume.

if reflected damage is reflected in an area/cone, you cannot use normal reflection (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Specular_reflection) as this would multiply energy if several targets get hit by it with the same amount of damage. maybe here a diffuse reflection (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffuse_reflection) should be considered and even then only the first obstacles beeing hit get the damage - unless there is a transmissivity implemented.
Q: do you always consider elemental physical rules (like first laws of thermodynamics, conservation of energy as excamples) in your game? (edit: or at least try to mimic physics)

Q: if AD is used, do e.g. stun or petrify … when they proc also get distributed in a cone? (edit: this and also AD-damage sent out from a primary source would respect given laws. but i have to admit that every area damage concept feels hard to implement it in a proper way, and its „just“ a game)

Thank Captain for your answer! Like I promised, here are the follow-up questions:

Animation stays unchanged past 130% AS. Increasing AS after this point will increase the damage per hit, but how about other perks?

  • Let’s say I have 13K LoH and 130% AS. Each hit (ignore the slow and fast hits for now) will give me 13K life. If somehow I increase AS to 200% without changing LoH (still 13K), would each hit gives me 20K life?
  • In a similar case where I have 65% stun and 130% AS. Each hit has 65% probability of stun. If I increase AS to 200%, would each hit now give me 100% probability of stun? If yes, would it mean that at 200% AS, 65% of stun is the same as 75% of stun (or demolition, petrify, FB)?

If you had to start from scratch and re-build Olympus Rising, what game mechanic would you most like to change/streamline/simplify/improve (and how would you do it, if you know)?

What mechanic would you probably want to keep exactly as-is?

1- I would like to know if DR works against Phoenix and Griffin, since they’re immune to their own damage.
If they do get damaged, that means the DR doesn’t have an element(as I understood from some comments around the forum)
And if that works, what happens if I have like 8 phoenix’s attacking a GK that has DR? Does the damage reflected go all to the hero that’s attacking the GK since all the phoenix’s stand far away from him(meaning the hero would get a shitload of damage reflected to him from the GK?)
2- in april/may questions Morgan mentioned that any attack speed above 130% doesn’t actually increase attack speed, but the damage, that got me thinking about the change that was made to GKs to normalize the LOH/AS combo. What happens if I get 169%AS? That means I have 30% over the 130%(1.3×1.3), which should mean I do 30%more damage per attack, to have equivalent damage to 169% AS. So that begs the question, what happens to the LOH in that case? Does it increase 30% aswell, which would mean that stacking AS would still increase regen provided by LOH or does it mean that you’ll actually have less LOH since it’ll get lowered because of your AS bonus, but you don’t actually attack faster to compensate for the loss in it through hitting more often?
3- I’d really like to know what’s the chance of getting uniques through normal titan chests and sea titan chests, or at least a rough estimate, aswell as a unique marketplace for gems, which we could sell/buy with other players. I only ask that because the game seem to really want me to play ariadne and Prometheus, as from my 18 uniques, 12 have been for those 2…
4- what about implementing some kind of option to “refine” old 5star titan items to be on par with my current level? As sometimes I get an amazing cursed item just to see it being useless in 8-10 levels

Can you please bring some clarity about the (hidden) item level and what ist its relation to you player level (when it drops out of a box or when it is refined)and how is it affected by the forge?
is there an easy way to estimate the level of an item by having a look on the values of the base and the perks?
when it comes to refines should we speak of the level of an item or more of the level of a perk? (since they get stronger and stronger the „older“ these perks are or have been forged)

Q: how did you solve the problem with damage calculation when frostbite and demolition crit at the same time or did you e.g. delay one of them to the next swing but with a guaranteed crit (if so, which one is delayed)?

I think they answered this. If both perks proc, the higher damage will take place. If they dont, damage is supposedly added from
FB/damage to the structure including the demo 50%.

What is also fascinating, is that even with 100% demo (if we had that), one would argue that the structure would never be destroyed (like the riddle with half of half of half - never ending road). But the larger of the two applies, which I think was my assumption when we were discussing this. Maybe its on the forum, cant remember.

A well planned perk combination, aside the bug which was fixed.