Just 2 screenshots :)

Find difference.

People say about other towers also

Cyrillic doesn’t help to make you point very clear. But yeah, there are so many bugs/irregularities in this game…

All is clear I think :slight_smile:

Icon are the same for everybody

Maybe it is really 5,5 but they round up to 5,0 ? Could be?

Because i noticed that it’s the same thing with Arrow Tower 6,3 but show 6,0 when placed,

Frost tower 2,7 but show 2,0 when placed -> same thing with gargoyle tower

and so on…

mss73 many people often just see that stuff is not in their language and stop looking straight away :grinning:


oPelle, up is ^ and not down, therefore would be 6. Also there are no two ways of rounding 5.5. And there’s really no argument about 2.7 rounding to 3.0 rather than 2.0 :wacko:

only whole numbers are displayed when viewing a tower from it’s info screen


the exact numbers (decimals) are displayed on the construction plans