Just 20 friends?

Maybe they can increase the Max number of friends? just 20 is not enough…


(its not my fault if everybody want to be friend with me!) :slight_smile:

They have already increased the max number of friends and voucher-friends from 15 to 20 in the last Server Update 24 July, however maybe 10 more can make everybody happy ? XD

or maybe 20-30 more? :slight_smile:

I think having a lot more friends would be awesome! they don’t need to add more voucher friends if they don’t want, just normal friends!

yep, just regular friend would be perfect.


i think 50 can be good… but if they want to add more why not :slight_smile:

Does we are only 3 player who think that 20 friends is not enough?

We need more friends.

I think 50 can be a good number of friends… what do you think of 50?

Nobody at flaregame have talk in this tread… maybe they are not interested to give us more friend?

Hey KingRamses!


Your idea is interesting, but some other ideas are also good.

I have no problem with forwarding players’ ideas, more the opposite, but for the few weeks to come I would like to prioritize what seems to be “big” problems for the community, aka the alliance wars and the skull bonus pool.

Once this will be being worked on, I will start working on the other suggestions with the community :slight_smile:


Also, don’t think we are not interested by doing something for you, this is not true :grinning:

We read you, and we talk about the game and the community, to come up with something for you!


Thanks for your understanding!