Just a change of tempo here: THANKS!

Pretty hard pressed to find anything positive here, I’m really kicking myself for not getting any screen shots…

This go around we had a smaller, but more powerful alliance north of us. There were 2 large battles, 17 vs 19! And small groups of infiltrators from both sides trying to bring towers down.  There were MANY wins and losses on both sides!  There was probably 30-40 battles between us, and another 10-15 battles with a weaker alliance west of us.

I got head hunted by their leader! And taken out… ? After  charging back up the map, he caught me again! And I lost again…  (he had help :slight_smile: the 3rd and final confrontation between us, I pulled it off with the help of a good ally, and we defended a level 3 tower in the final minutes to come from behind FOR THE WIN 

The 1st place clan changed positions 3 times!

 It was exciting and fun!

just wanted to give a shout out, and a thanks for the hard work developers are doing. There are a great many of us who are enjoying Conquest!

And by the way, That 3rd confrontation… I can already hear some nay sayers, “we won because they were out of troops…”  NO SIR!  They were refilling troops at towers after battles, as were we. 

Play smart! Have fun, and… don’t try so hard ?

Hard pressed to find anything Positive?  

Yeah. I meant in the conquest forum block. Almost in whole forum… :slightly_frowning_face:  

We have a group who exhaust all 3 communication channels in clan chat!  And still maybe 50% communication get through. But we won last 2 in a row. And are expecting to get pummeled during the next one. But I understand defeat is inevitable and NECESSARY to avoid OP enemies!

I feel most people are either playing out of their tier, or have very poor communication.

our clan for now… the majority are enjoying conquest anyhow. Once people start dialing in where to build towers, when to abandon fights, when to join them! Assigning responsibilities for scout locations, defenders and invaders!  This mode gets seriously immersive and enjoyable. Even when we lose

That is why I like conquest more than regular war.   You have to communicate, have leaders on a similar page and have a good deal of cooperation.   War is more of a group of people playing individually.   Granted, Conquest is a little out of sorts for a casual game but far from being too much of a time sink.    I played a few rounds of Tribal Wars about 10 years ago.  Talk about true sleep deprivation and you could lose everything you built in a massive coordinated attack.   The game took days and weeks to develop and then could last for months.   

I agree, Conquest is 100x better than the normal war. The reason being that you have a stretched boundary. You have something to move, something more to do. While the Conquest does require more attention than a normal war, it’d definitely worth it