just a few ideas

I have a few ideas that we could maybe inplement in the future of rr2.

  1. We could add in a new unit called the vampire that does life drain. It would probably be 7-9 morale points since we dont have many units in that range. I was thinking maybe 1000 life drain and 3 thousand health?

  2. Make a tower that pushes an army back e.g. the push that the viking does or the push that irmguard does. It wouldn’t deal too much damage and have twouch health otherwise it would be overpwered, or maybe it would only have.a certain amount of push charges like a lightning tower.

  3. add in something like a troll unit. It would have the chance to confuse enemies lets say 5% chance. However it wouldn’t have much health.


  1. I know this has been said before, but make better daily rewards. For example you could keep count of what throne room the player is or what level they are and scale the daily rewards on that?