Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

Hey guys, sorry about this, but my laptop, once again, is being unresponsive. This time it seems worse, so I’m not sure how long I will be gone. Just writing this so that you know why I’m not participating

UPDATE: Officially, everything on my laptop is being deleted, except what was on the hard drive. I will have to start over

I assume you have Windows 10. My experience is, that Microsoft values their customers very little
and brings Windows to almost a halt with the internal update process, rendering the PC almost
useless. In terms of e.g. CPU load, download bandwidth etc.

Just let the PC on and alone for an hour or two and the problem should resolve itself. Bigger
Windows updates may take even longer.

Save this file on a USB stick or whatever, if you still can:

 <user directory>\AppData \Local\Packages\<flare rr2 something>\settings\settings.dat

it’s too late for that. It’s not an update it’s a “Recovery”

If you used the cloud save feature, you may still be able to get your account back fast.
I don’t know how exactly that works, but i think i have read, that after installing RR2 and
the tutorial you are asked whether you want to continue with the new account or the one
found on onedrive.

okay, thanks. When it comes back up I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Personally, I keep my settings.dat files up on OneDrive and have a batch script which copies it to RR2’s Settings folder and then launches RR2.  That way I know my account info is always safe/recoverable and I can also run RR2 on any of my machines, even if I pave/reinstall them.  

I haven’t done this, so most likely my account will restart IF I can get back on my laptop which it’s not looking like I will. The only way I’ll get back on is if I restart Windows and save my personal docs. All apps will be deleted is what it says. :slightly_frowning_face:  I hope to see you guys through another account soon. I’ll try to make my name be AwesomestKnightest, but if not then I’ll put a space and it’ll be Awesomest Knightest. Hopefully I’ll see you guys soon. God Bless

If the recovery process doesn’t touch your personal data, the settings.dat file may still be there
after being able to log into Windows again. So before installing RR2 again, try to locate the file
and copy it to a safe place:

 <user directory>\AppData \Local\Packages\<flare rr2 something>\settings\settings.dat

Good luck :slight_smile:

Just write to devs, tbey will fix it for sure. Not fast but they will

Sorry to read it awesomestknightest. We know you usually participate @Archimedes and @Nikko Can you help this young man to restore his account when required? Let him send a mail from this account he uses on forum and help him to restore his acount.

It would be a shame if this youngster must start over, check his positive responses, we need players like him.

ah ok that why I don’t see you anymore in Olympus Rising. its a sad new :slightly_frowning_face:  

Sorry I don’t have think to say you this before maybe its too late :slightly_frowning_face:  

if you have a HDD External on your PC or laptop

Step 1 : Go in System


Step 2 : Go in Storage


Step 3 : Go in Change Where new content are save


Step 4 : select your HDD External


this way if your PC fuck or something happen you have just to reenter your email,download the game and you can continue exactly where you have stop the last time. Its not every game who offer that but the majority are save on your HDD External so you don’t lose anything. I have recuperate Olympus Rising and Pirates of Everseas this way

I do have this system @Warriornator, so I may be able to do that once it comes back up, thanks

Sad Friday 13th do a victime of bad luck

I guess that means all my progress there is lost. @Dena4 can you still see AwesomestKnightest in RR2?

I don’t know in Olympus Rising I have no clue if a player can be inactive I don’t think so. In RR2 your name will be there for 7 days after you will become inactive but you will be able to recuperate your account via support team if you remember the date of the creation of your account and if you remember a lot of info like list of upgrade,number of gems,gold,etc…if you have purchase gems package to show them the proof its you,etc…

Sure, you donated 1 pal here, you have panda hero in green and level 93, more I won’t tell here, anyone can check that.

Contact by this account in a mail towards the ones I told you, this account is yours. Jist give them the new account and usually it won’t be enough, but we can guarantee it’s you.


I remember almost everything, trophies, gem and pearl count etc. Including the levels of my farms and everything, just not my towers in inventory. I still do remember the names of some of my items my hero had

Log a call https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and give them all details you have. them can put your old account back to a newly installed game. a little bit slow but it works. Last time they asked for my most recent purchase receipt  as part of proof .