Just Another PL Bugs

It’s become a habit that PL always has sporadic bugs.
At this PL, Mini Monks ignore FB, or only hit 1-2x of their weak attacks then skip them… wat de pak!
Sonicblast range seems bugged, just now at mission 11, those were ‘nose-to-nose’ SB hits against choke point FB, SB blow very small or no damage, wasted time just to try to destroy that FB, need 5x hit (some last hits blow 0 damage, when heal tower behind it already destroyed). Count wasted time: 5x SB CD, I know I’ll score low as plenty time wasted
Probably we do need cheat to win all PL, cause we get variety of chronic bugs by playing fair
Gonna need someone to teach me how… zzzz

If it makes you feel any better I did horribly in this PL, bugs or not (mostly not). More proof that some setups are completely unplayable for my incompetent self (usually the ones where you have no means to kill anything, like in this league).