Just another pro league complaint

I think Flare’s philosophy is ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’.

I’ll bite.

Here’s another complaint for you to increase your content and traffic to your forum.

Have a nice day.


That is absolutely disgusting, for players to finish amongst the best players in the pro league and only receive 2 chests after the statement by Flare that they always adjust is awful. I was moaning that I was in the 200’s and only had 1 chest but this is an insult. They seem to contradict themselves with their lack of action.


Words can’t express my anger but this can : :rage:

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Glad the previous weeks pro pissed me off enough that I didn’t play this week. But way to make sure and kick all the remaining players in the balls. :+1:

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While I do agree with you… the reality is that the top100 is still full of cheaters.
The top10 is a complete disgrace really. The same cheaters are getting top10 consistently (even top5), week after week.

I can’t even bother with anything else (pro league related) until Flare really takes pro league cheating seriously.


but its a different issue. You can play well, get your 3, 4 chests and live on, you get some good crystals. IN this case we paid and didnt get good rewards.

There are 3 consistent top 5 (shivam tld, toan156 and lionforever) at least.

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