You need to fix your god awful war system asap.  Alliances will soon stop bothering, this is no longer a game of skill  - we know this.  However now your War seasons too have nothing to do with skill , sorry let me rephrase,  the wars are for the skilled alliances who can figure out how many times they need to lose and kick players out until they have accumulated enough loser bonus to actually win a tile.  Does Flare plan on leaving this awful system the way it is?, Im afraid the answer is yes since so many updates have now passed and yet the war seasons become more and more boring.  Who the heck wants to fight in a war where the strategy is to LOSE in order to win?  No thanks.   I give this awful system a few more months tops.   Once you lose a few more top alliances simply because they become uninterested in this skill-less war system what will you plan on doing?  Or is it really the end anyway and you plan to ride that wave as long as you can before it comes crashing down on you?

By the way , there are a few SIMPLE steps you can take to change this mess so EASILY but you refuse to?  player swapping, kicking players out, loserbonus, all of this can all be fixed with really just ONE change and it involves a simple Time penalty.

an answer from FLARE would be nice for a change too. 


  1. Place 6 towers around gate and drop doom gate to prevent 100% raids
  2. Wait for season to start
  3. Declare war as fast as possible to try and get ahead of loser bonus in future days
  4. See which alliances have easy and which alliances have hard maps
  5. Move high skull bonus players to hard map, abandon alliances which have no chance, or use them as a shield to reduce your attack surface
  6. Fief swap on 2 out of the 5 days to build up a decent loser bonus
  7. Kick players out at the last minute to purposely lose a few fiefs, get them to immediately rejoin so they can fight the next battle
  8. Win 3 war boosts, wait 5-6 days to repeat the cycle

Any war system where the object is to lose is not something I want to take part in anymore. One more war where you have to lose 3 of the 5 days in order to keep boosts and I’m done. This system has been broken for a long time and the game is no fun anymore, I won’t be spending any more money on this game till this stupid war system is changed.

Sorry to broke this to you guys but the loser bonus system was first created and introduced to help alliances like Immortal Legends, North Alliance and Vanguard Legion to compete because they simply can’t win in a fair fight back then although it is also due to the unfair formation of Grand Alliance that destroyed VL and IL in early days by player exchange and fiefdoms sharing strategy which I am still angry about despite being member of Apocalypse now.However you have to look back at yourself when you lose cuz blaming quick declare, good loser bonus strategy and 6 tower placement near gate is simply stupid because, North and Vanguard failed too many raids especially North with player lile Boemer doing a 20% raid 2-3 times on one front or Flothaboss in VL refusing to revive twice or scroll in advance/precaution measure.VL/RL simply play better and sacrifice more to win and have better connection with other alliances (unfair sometimes I know)

Why VL and NA cant do the same ? Apparently NA likes to move ‘alone’ which is respectable but stupid knowing how the system works while VL simply cannot be trusted at all.

I’m not saying the system are fair or perfect but to complaint each time you lose is stupid even after FG place the system to help you is stupid.I complaimed before when in Todesritter, FG put in a solution, theres flaws but things become better at least and I stop complaining.NA never seems to stop though, wtf ? Sort your members first, Nidanh show off raids, in war he failed 75% with 2-3 scrolls thats not winners mentality.

This to Neil, idk who are the original poster since he/she too coward to post with real name but I know Neil from NA and can only assume OP also from NA.

Fii Numbnuts, 

With each additional post you prove over and over again how much of a complete jackass you are.  It might be time to begin posting your masterful raiding here as well since you like to dump names of people.  I also had no idea Flare created the loser bonus because of VL and NA, they must really really like those alliances to make a change that completely ruined the war system just for them!  If its just for them though why do RL and APOC actually plan the ENTIRE loser bonus from day 1 right out of the gates to the last day?  why do they immediately beg any weak alliance to hit them for skulls and swap tiles? Such powerful alliances who use mercs and 12 accounts played  by their leaders need LB too?  


You are right though, the War system is awesome the way it is.  When RL and APOC are the only ones who care anymore I cant wait to see how fun war seasons will be for them after all the others decide to dump wars completely.


Do not wish me to quit and leave either, it may hurt my feelings :slightly_frowning_face:  


thats what most losers say…we dont care anymore…lolololol


Flare made 4 major mistakes with this game which will end up being it’s demise.                                                                                                          

 1. Expanding alliances from 40 to 60 people. - All the good players ended up in 4 or 5 alliances and there was too much difference between the top 5 and the rest of the top 20.    

  1. Flare allowed the top 5 to double the amount of fifes of the rest of the top 20. The top 5 already way stronger than the rest ended up with even better troops and boosts and expanded the gulf between the top 5 and the rest.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  2. Loser bonus, - In an effort to help those teams outside the top 5 compete, Flare inadvertently changed the object of the game to losing on purpose in multiple battles in order to gain an advantage last day. losing on purpose is no fun and a waste of time and effort.                                                                                                                                                  

  3. Flare did not lock rosters at war start. - Teams with easy maps send dozens of players to other alliances in an effort to make them way stronger than they truly are, or they kick players from the roster in order to gain a loser bonus. Had flare just locked the rosters at war start and not allowed players who leave to return game play would have been more fair and more fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Flare simply let game play get too unbalanced and should have reacted more quickly and used more input from players.                    



Could not agree more, and you seem to have the solution to fix this disaster of a war system.


Shame you don’t work for Flare , they need people with common sense who can see people taking advantage of their broken system from a mile away.

I have to agree that expanding alliance from 40 to 60 was stupid.I remember it being the reason NA fall, starting from Didi joining SK.

Also, FG did change war system (LB) cuz of VL NA (well since most Burni player are now in NA) Todes etc. cuz these are the only team to complaint bout old system which sucks even more tbh.Like I said, it does have flaws but VL and NA able to rise shows that it give more positive impact.Otherwise dont even dream bout passing 80 fiefs.However, as time pass Apo and RL have use LB better and manipulate other rules to their adv.Cant blame them, they study the rules carefully play with it properly.

And like I said, RL and Apo simply give more.Ev giving his all to play 10+ account in order to keep his team competitive until replacement are found for example.Or RL trying hard to find mercs to fill their slot after mass exodus few months ago.

The two alliance have connection, NA refuse to do this, keeping ego while VL like I said, not trustable.TLD pull out from being their friends, LoS choose to stay away also.Cant blame Apo/RL when your generals/leader failed to manage team.

Say jn a 1v1 fair fight.Can you win Apo ? Well I say with nidanh doing 75% and Boemer 25%, nope.Maybe can beat RL playing like that, RL havent fully recover and their strength are grinding, with limited attacks they always struggle sadly especially since two months.

Now though, you really cant complaint.It is better to improve.If you wanna quit then thats a shame, I hate seeing people leave the game.But if NA keep this lets complaint when we lose attitude you never gonna be better.Conquering top 10 means nothing, its war that matter.How fast you declare, can you get allies, can you keep your words when making a no champ deal, can you manipulate LB to your advantage ? Can you ensure all member score their best ? Can you keep your ally happy and help them in need ? 

You need allies, FG cannot stop allies from forming.If they ban player movement between war then allies will simply find another way to help each other.Theres even a merc movement led by SK Warriors player where they assign mercs 2-3 days before war.So no different in the end.

You really have to know a lot more before complaining.If you only chat with your NA guys then you wont get much imo.I try my best not to be bias, I said only the truth.Unfortunately when things are against us we dont agree or believe.Say Digi a snake and everyone loses their mind lol 

In war, you do whatever it takes to win.You lose, then regroup.Apo was put in 4th place not so long ago and NOBODY complaint anything.

Best of luck and I dont post videos since a long time, my raiding been shit since blacksmith update sorry and I now play on a laggy phone, not smooth running pc anymore.I do think I am decent raider though, many of your NA generals used to idolised me lmao

yep thats the way it is…yy2 had warrior clans and whiner clans…and we all knew who the whiners were

You dont know what you are talking about fi nami. The one time Apoc agreed to fight NA for first, even up on last day was the most fun I’ve had in RR2 even though we lost 299,921 to 299,425. We congratulated Rev and he admitted he was exhausted because he was playing 14 accounts. We would rather have loyal friends like Boemer in our alliance even if they can’t afford to non stop scroll to win, than a bunch of second accounts. You can crow all day about your brilliant ability to lose on purpose and bend the rules to your advantage but until you guys win without bonuses, second accounts, and shifting around players in your 120 member Apoc/RL alliance, you ain’t shit in my book.



@jkb…oops more whining and complaining…lets see what mess flare can come up with this time to help you out…vl and na could not get in top 5 until flare fixed the fight…

Go away Gypsy, you and your alliance are no longer relevant.  :wink:


ok…i know the truth can hurt sometimes…still doesnt change the facts


as long as skull bonus is still out there , having loser bonus is a necessity

all of RR2 community knows that NA/VL are the richest alliances ever and they can accumulate enormous skull perk average amongst their members, so the only way less rich alliances to win is to use loser bonus to their advantage.

so suck it up and tell ur leaders to have more strategic mind and be more smart and less deceiving to their friends so people can trust u again and get a decent ally.


Luay Victoia / Apo


It’s like a christmas miracle xD

First of all, I want to correct you a bit* I played around 5 empty ones, and a the rest of accounts who do not have gems/do not know how to win figths with low amount of gems spent. And now the fun part begins. You tell me that you’re better off with people like Boemer with 20% raids - I’m fine with them too. However, Apocalypse is relatively poor sponsored alliance, compared to NA. I’ll tell you more - we cannot afford spending 300-400 gems per each fight, like some of NA members do. So, some of NA players are just too good, those who aren’t are too rich (I know that now you have 3rd kind of players, who aren’t good and aren’t rich, but that is a new thing and happened just because of the summer vacations), so, we either needed to swap our poor raiders for the rich ones, or find more good ones, or just lie down and lose, lol, cause we lost at the start, by not being rich enough for the season - neither was the option. That is how account helping happened. And yeah, having 5 empty slots in the alliance leaves no choice but to fill them with whatever is better, so, secondary accounts it is (I remind you, other than those accounts - others are actual players, who also did great, since all 60 players are needed for the win). While NA didn’t need members, NA was fine on their own. Now NA needs members - VL provides them (or idk how to explain old VL/Todes/Mym members joining NA recently) and NA is fine with that.

Now to the more boring, but still funny part.

So, Loser Bonus, which was introduced to ruin top alliances and change strategy from alliance that always won others, to something different, doesn’t work NA way anymore, or what? :slight_smile:

You want to lock players in the alliance? BE MY GUEST, THAT WOULD BE MY BEST WISH! We need player swapping mainly cause of VL with their infinite roster of paid players from like 3-4 alliances whenever they need them (also RL had bad days recently, but it looks better now) xD Just limit it to 1-2 to help changing some no-shows, or do not even prevent it - we would handle any situation.

You want fair battles? Where were you 6 months ago, when RL and Apocalypse offered your leader King Digi to determine high places by a fair fight at the start of the season? Somehow he half agreed, which lead to NA allying with VL when it suits NA, and trying to have fair battles with RL/Apocalypse, when map is not in favor of NA. But it doesn’t work both ways (we agreed to the fair fight on that map, when we could have won you by skulls without any need to fight hard. Next map - we have NA and VL on our map, we asked if we can have fair battle with NA, but what, fair battle? NO, we would exchange bonuses with VL to make Apocalypse 3-4, and after that - Apocalypse are a villain alliance which never agreed to fair fight again).

Basically - NA was offered fair fights system, but declined it. Now NA does not like LB system (which was introduced long ago, for teams like UvT which later became current NA).

Also player swapping is bad (I remind you, that NA swap players too, just not with much efficiency rate, ALEXGOES, for example, he created such a drama when he was replaced for a failed raid (yeah, leaving 3rd main raid to 6th attempt is a strange decision, but still)).

What system NA wants? You say it is bad that top 5 teams got separate maps and then got all the fiefdoms from other alliances? Well, only alternative in the current system is when top alliances meet on the same map. And NA got 4th this way. And in every case, one top alliance with hard working members would get nothing - means system, in which top alliances are on the same map, would not work either.

I’d say, we currently got the best we could get out of this system. The only other way that it’s possible is to rework this whole thing into some kind of tournament system, when maps would happen not because of fiefdoms or smth, but because of the tournaments placement. And prizes needs to be changed, since with boosts gone if you lose - alliances are handicapped, even after much efforts were spend.

But, for that to happen, those who cry here, needs to gather people around and make them support that petition.

Revenant  -   Who asked of your opinion and your non rich alliance with highest perks? thats some luck you guys have! they probably all came from Uber friend chests right?

No one is interested with you or your 24-7 around the clock RR2 life.  This post was created for Flare I could of sworn, I dont believe a single mention of Apoc or RL was even made in it  , funny how you knew it was about them however lol.


PS  please watch out before you become the next Skint although my guess is you are very single since your priority in life is making 19 page contracts for a game LMFAO


where was this post when NA and VL successfully use the LB to their advantage? why can’t i find a post from NA or VL complaining about LB in the season they won? why only now? why? why?  :rolleyes:

@about2quit, i hope you haven’t quit when he becomes the next skint , please stay longer, if not for the family, stay to see revenant in skint edition, if that ever happen  ^_^ at least you can still laugh in the end of your sentences… it should ease the pain a bit and helped you sleep better at night thinking about rev’s 19 page contracts  :rolleyes: 

and next time please give us a better comeback, you make single life sounds so horrible lol, and you just hurts his gf’s feeling by calling him single…