Just few Hints!!

Hi Developers,

In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important. 

At any moment, an unhappy customer can share their opinion with the masses through social media and the web and negatively affect your business. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to create an excellent experience for your players.

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”  Creating love between your company and your players can help scale positive word of mouth that’s absolutely priceless.


Here is few things for you:

  1. Treat your players (customers) right, because Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4 to 6 people about their experience. So that’s a way to significantly influence the word of mouth about your game (Business).

  2. Always listen what your players are saying: 

 When listening to your customers, take into account what changes your organization should make from this feedback, and then follow through. Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, and not dealing with the reasonable requests could cause backlash.

  1. Be Transparent, honesty is crucial when it comes to mistakes. EXAMPLE: LAST UPDATE. Being transparent in the digital age is a must. Much like the principles discussed above, transparency is a critical factor in building trust, satisfaction, and love from your customers.

  2. Recognize responsibility, CUSTOMER is always RIGHT:  No matter the circumstance, the customer is always right. This is a rule to guide your business through its growth.

Just heads up: Last update was very bad and you have many unhappy players.





It would be nice if a developer/mod commented on these issues. It has ruined the game for most people and not even a word from them

hoorah for customer support ?

Was curious and took a look at the other game forums. FG seems to be notorious for greed and unresponsiveness across the board

thing is I understand this is a free game and developers need a paycheck but it seems they go above and beyond what is reasonable.

after reading the other forums I don’t have much hope this will be fixed anytime soon



I agree that FG is greed heavy (just look at the cost of hiring workers which doubles in gem price FOR NO REASON each time one is hired wtf)


I think this update is essentially ok, but tweaks need to be made for people to stop being dishonest and stealing trophies by quitting (etc) at the gate.


Also, it should be free to move a hero to an unoccupied (at least gem protected!!) island. Sometimes the displayed ambrosia cost for a fight is higher than I could even store!!!

Game was just fine before update. Trophies system was way better before. 

They need to put everything back as soon as possible. I have so many people in the alliance complaining about latest update and some of them just stopped playing. 

The trophy system wasn’t fine before the update… It had some issues and it had some other issues now… It’s something that they have to fix asap… Like the winning trophy in a lost battle… So now everybody is losing the battles to attack again and again the same island and gain trophys… 

The point is: it was better, not saying that didn’t  need tweaking a bit, but now it’s 10 times worse. At least before, I didn’t mind attacking, right now, its not worth it. In addition, defense is useless. 

Wow, it couldn’t be possibly put into words better than this…

Hey there,

There has been a server update today to fix the trophy system issue :grinning:


Hi Aether, 

Great news!!! Thank you for the update.?

Do you have any info what was changed?



Never mind, I just read all about it.

Thanks again!!!

Just got home and wanted to test your recent update and you (developers) failed again. Well, seems to be its time to contact Apple customer support for full refund, because you don’t know what to do now. You don’t have people or tools to fix this issue or you just simply don’t care.

I’m giving it a few more days to come right or I’ll be asking for a refund too.

Same. I sent my request for a few thousand $$$ a few hours ago. First time ive ever done it in years of ios play. As ive said before im not asking for pay to win but I sure as hell don’t want pay to lose. I feel cheated and at the mercy of terrible business practice and greed. As the owner of an app company i understand the woes of coding but if this team had any communication whatsoever, and proper testing practices, this could be fixed. Instead they were banking on either a) no one noticing or b ) no one caring enough to actually make a big deal about it. 

I would really like to understand how can someone release product available for public without testing something first. 

It’s been week now since last update and you are not even trying to fix this game. DEFENSE is useless still, trophies system still needs a lot work and matchmaking system needs improvements. 

You should just shut this game down and fix what you need to fix and make this game playable again.