Just finish 1, but got rank 2 in ninja :(

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any one else got that?
who to contact

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Me too. First logged in incorrectly. Then classified in the right level 13. Successfully completed all 30 islands. Also only got rank 2. Made Screenshots :grin:

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I have the same problem. I completed the whole events, all the ships and islands with 100% each, but finally I got rank 2.

Only 4 ninjas, 2000 less pearls and no uber chests.

This is completely unfair and dissapointing.

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Sometimes it registers a win as nothing, lets you pass anyway in ninja. One was probably labeled a no crown no matter how you did.

When it happens, other than submitting a ticket with pictures, try and redo those with any extra fights. Happened to me some time back, happened to a teammate this one on 2 islands.


Thanks for the information, but as always, I checked the score before the end of the event. It showed 30/32 and the maximum score in my tier.

I’ve never thought that this could happen.

Are we suposed to take pictures in every event to claim our rewards?