Just got the last upgrade for Wolves by finishing dungeon, I don't get it

When I’m fighting other people’s boards I run up against wolves that I can’t kill with just 1 freeze spell. So I have to hit them a couple of times or use a 2nd spell, like the fire spell, to kill them before they howl.

I just finished the Dungeon to get the last level for the wolves and expected the same for the wolves I use for defense. But I tested my defense and can still kill them with 1 freeze spell.

The health is now 37,212. I have the health bonus pearled up pretty good. I’m not sure what level but the next upgrade only adds 28.27 health. And I have 1 rune for an added 1.88% health bonus.

We also have the elite boost turned on, level 4/4

There doesn’t seem to be a 2nd health rune for the wolf like with equipment.

So what am I missing here? Do I have to pearl up the health a bunch more times only adding a very small amount each time? (the upgrades are so small, that just doesn’t seem right)

I also just checked and the health for Primal Howl didn’t seem to go up. Does it take time for the added health to kick in? Or does getting the last wolf level not help Primal Howl?

Team elite boost level (6 is max/more hp/stronger howl), heals, howls, and maybe even shields in addition to forges and runes.

Last one to two actual levels from the dungeon are only health ones if I remember correctly.

There can be a couple of reasons, forges of health on wolf, a health rune, hero level, alliance level (level 62 gives max wolf boost 6/6) and last but not least, hero level of you/opponent.

So there are enough reasons why you can not one shot a wolf of an opponent, while you can one shot your own wolf.

My wolf for example has health 43,524 and I still can one shot that wolf with my blizzard.

Thanks, looks like alliance level is the biggest thing.

I have a level 1 health rune, so I can increase that, but I’m trying to wait till I can make a level 6 health rune.

Pearl boosts of course, but the boosts are so small at this point, I don’t see how that’s going to give me more than a few hundred in health by the time it cycles down to 0.

I’m level 130, so unless they go by experience after you reach level 130, that’s not a factor.

Not sure how the wolf would have a shield on defense unless there’s a barricade with a level 6 special boost that gives everything jumping it a shield.

Higher runes give more health, that you know. I did forge my wolf a lot of times on health, also max level wolf plus indeed, alliance level is a huge factor

Conquest Viking’s boost, or on the off chance Bucky as a defense beast. Maybe someone has the rune maxed too lol.

Defense Howl goes up only from team collects of the donated pal (till max lvl 10 and/or you hit the team bonus thresholds for every so many donated), and your actual level (sounds like that won’t happen anymore… at least till/if they raise the cap).