$$-->Just Opened a few spots in KREATOR alliance TOP 250! 2nd in CONQUEST!<--$$

**We just finished 2nd place in this past conquest event with great organization during battles!**


Just cleaned house a bit from some inactives and looking for a few good new recruits!

**We have THE MOST active leaders in the game I’d say.  He has >4300 trophies, lvl 122, and spends lots of REAL cash to help our alliance.  Which in turn gives US ALL free chests, lots of boosts, and other benefits like LEVEL 8 OGRES!  We activate more boosts than most other alliances (see below for list)!!!


Our Alliance Stats

Alliance Name : Kreator

Current Members : 50/52

Gold Bonus : 43%

Alliance Level : 47

Current Rank : #249

Our NINE   Elite Boosts ALWAYS active :

-Blazing knight

-Tough barricade

-Power Archer

-Holy Paladin

-Frost Trap

-Stunning Ogre

-Range Bomber

-Storm Cannon

-Raging Wolf


Your Requirements to Join:

Level 60+ and BE ACTIVE, we have minimums for weekend wars/events which all must hit or you will be booted.


Any questions, please message me in game or on LINE app @ Rocky969

Cleared out a few more spots, now open again!

currently 49/50…one more active member needed!

May I join?

Sure what is your in game name?

More spots now open!

Did some booting this war weekend, 4 spots now available!

2 spots available now!

one opening, apply now!

2 open spots, join up before this weekend’s war!

1 Open spot, apply now!

1 open spot left for this weekend’s war!

hey rocky are there still spots for me?


We do have one opening to fill as of right now, how active of a member are you?  I saw your friend request a few days ago at lvl 59 and to this day you are still lvl 59 & 50k donation (usually active people can level VERY fast at these lower levels)…

Just removed a few members, spots are open! 

Come and enjoy the conquest mode for next time, we took 2nd place this first time and hope for increased strategy/organization next time for 1st place!

Apply now!

Just finished another great war weekend in 2nd place!  We now have the Froster boost :-)  Join now, a few spots are opened up!

2 spots are now open, join now for the next Conquest event!

1 Spot left, we are now in the top tier of conquest!