$$-->Just Opened a few spots in KREATOR alliance TOP 300!<--$$

First time recruiting from on here, let’s see how it goes!  Just cleaned house a bit from some inactives and looking for a few good new recruits!

**We have THE MOST active leader in the game I’d say.  He has >4300 trophies, lvl 119, and spends lots of REAL cash to help our alliance.  Which in turn gives US ALL free chests, lots of boosts, and other benefits like LEVEL 7 OGRES!  We activate more boosts than most other alliances (see below for list)!!!


Our Alliance Stats

Alliance Name : Kreator

Current Members : 46/49

Gold Bonus : 40%

Alliance Level : 44

Current Rank : #299

Our NINE   Elite Boosts ALWAYS active :

-Blazing knight

-Tough barricade

-Power Archer

-Holy Paladin

-Frost Trap

-Stunning Ogre

-Range Bomber

-Storm Cannon

-Raging Wolf


Your Requirements to Join:

Level 60+ and BE ACTIVE, we have minimums for weekend wars/events which all must hit or you will be booted.


Any questions, please message me in game @ Rocky969


Does Sir George know you are advertising him this way?

Hope he has enough lvl 7 Ogres :wink:

lol yep he’s a beast! :slight_smile:

Be careful, this also attracts pro tickets hunters. One  player that recently joined us, now is member of your team. He came with us a few weeks ago, immediately asking for pro tickets. He also asked to become general, which we declined. After getting a new pro ticket last weekend, he just left after receiving that one without participation. 

Figure out who he is (he for sure will ask for pro tickets) and be warned. I give you a hint. All towers of him near castle gate area. As a bonus, most wars in season not helping while bleeding skulls. It’s up to you, but get rid of that player.

For the rest… Your team looks nice. Good luck finding good and loyal members.

That player is…me lol jk

Nope, that isn’t you Awesomest.

You didn’t join us a few weeks ago and also you didn’t leave last weekend.