Just to have an opinion...

Only wanna know if “i’m doing good”, consider that i’m a f2p.


My king is at liv 52, Leadership 3131, Health 6369, Attack 376 and some resistance basically to cold and fire.


My throne room is liv 7, and all other buildings are at max level (means Farms liv 11, Magic tower liv 8 and so on…)


Trophies something about 1700 cause i often lose because the opponents are very strong for me (worth 300 medals or more).


Dungeon i’m literally stuck at Behemoth III worth for me 374 medals, unbeatable!


As Units, i mainly use Knights (maxed out), Cannons liv 4 (It’s the max i can reach for now), gathering gems for the third slot.


As Magic I use Firestorm (liv 7, it’s the max for now), Swordrain (liv 6, it’s the max for now), Heal (liv 6, it’s the max for now)


I can barely reach 1,2M of gold sometimes 1,5M, reach 3M needed for upgrading throne room to next level it’s a dream.



Any useful advice to go on? I really dunno “where to go” to improve. Right now i’m building some defence upgrading towers, but it’s difficult also to have a single one firebolt tower cause it costs 1,5M!!!

Not sure how strong is your defense. Typcially at any level if you have strong defense, there are players who will always scroll the base and you should start getting some gems. Also, since you have max farms at your level, you should also concentrate on winning some gems thru league. You should definitely get a third troop slot as you seem to have the 3rd spell slot. Try to search for bases that are easy for you to clear 100% and try your luck in fortune chamber to win some gems. Never spend gems anywhere till you have 3rd slot and you know you are strong at defense and offense for your level.


With the alliance update around corner, may be you we will hear something about helping friends. If available that is your door to ThroneRoom Upgrade. If not you have to keep playing and using your free gold shield or spend time some day to keep it on for some time and have enough items in your inventory to sells and get desired amount.


Try getting some gold boost items too.

Uee napuletà!!! Buonasera!! Your IGN? Your waves? Moral level?

Maybe I (and the others) could take a look at your base and post a more useful suggestion…


But I can immediately say: earn gems winning leagues!!! :slight_smile:

Winning Leagues is what i’m doing, but i don’t play so often, so i can only win Silver league, then “lose” gold league and repeat Silver league (45 gems first place).


Answering Bolz1, My waves are 8 with intervals of 18 secs, all liv 6 (morale 16 each).


How i can post my base here?

Give your in game name(IGN) is what he meant. How is your attack history? Other do 100% your base all the time or you see them dying before and also spend some gems to finish 100%.



After screenshot, you have to click “More reply Options” in the right bottom of the post window. Then click “attach files” in the left bottom  :grinning:


Not so good, noone or almost noone need to spend gems to finish my base. I’ve looked some example and i’ve posted my actual base now. All blockades are at liv 5, towers liv 4 (except snake ones).

Don’t worry , I had the same stats as you when I was on level 52. You are doing great, I think you should stop with dungeon levels for now and do more raids , try matchmaking and find bases with around 250-200 medals bases and try to 100% them,

Use paladins in place of knights , they are only weak against poison and normal damage and have good HP. Using cannons is good but not great, as they die easily before shooting their cannons,so I think until you have the third troop slot , don’t use cannons yet , use any other ranged troop like pyromancer or any other that you prefer.

You have to just keep raiding and try you luck in fortune chamber. Try to find some gold boost items from granny or fortune chamber. Don’t spend gems on anything else until you get third troop slot.

However if you get any gold boost items , like ring,belt or boots with more than 7% gold boost for some gems , than be sure to buy that . Because it will stay with you as long as you want and provide the same boost.

As far as your towers go , stop leveling them up anymore and try to level up you castle instead and unlock firebolt and skull towers. Firebolts are one of the strongest towers.

I know they cost a lot but , once you set them up , it will get a little easier .you will see the difference. A level 7 or 8 arrow tower equals the HP of level 1 firebolt tower. So you can image how strong they are.

As a free player, I think you are doing great. Just stay away from dungeons , upgrade castle , and build firebolt and keep raiding .

You can do dungeons later , when you are a little stronger.

Until then keep raiding and upgrading , the main thing now is to keep upgrading . Leveling up and trophies are a thing for later level when you will be stronger and have lesser things to upgrade .

I know these things coz I was in the same situation, until I was helped by fellow player on this forum. You will get better too.

Good luck


I’ve tried use paladins instead of knights but they cost more morale and are SLOW! I have to do the entire base, or almost, with my hero only and sometimes without knights as baits it’s almost impossible. Generally i use knights as baits/cannon fodder, go ahead with them and with the hero and then use cannons once i passed the choke points of the base i’m attacking, swordrain helps a lot.

Pyros as alternatives of cannons are also nice but only for units cause for buildings are horrible (except firebolt towers but by the time a pyro can reach it… he dies). My major difficulties are snake towers and gargoyle towers cannons are perfect. When i encounter a firebolt tower i just use firestorm to deal with it.


I’m upgrading the last things i can upgrade in the castle, just 2 farms are missing (upgrading from 10 to 11 and are maxed for now) the rest is maxed out considering i have throne room liv 7.


I’ve already unlocked firebolt towers (only miss skull tower, but i need to upgrade throne room to get them), i’ll follow your advice and focus on them. Let’s hope for the best!

We must make a neapolitan alliance. 3 only in this thread with me :slight_smile:

I know paladins are slow , but you can always use hero scream to call them , it removes the slow effect for as long as your scream is on, you can call the near you.

At higher levels to , the king has to do almost all the major damage, the troops are there to fight against other units and cannons to destroy the towers. If yo do use cannons , make sure to call them only when you are halfway through the base or else they wont make it upto you, and die before.

You can use archers too if they are upgrade well , as they can bring down towers and monsters quickly. They are not much as a single unit , but together they have a high DPS (damage per second).

Use scream boost for pyros too so that they can bring down towers quickly .

Upgrade heal spell, helps a lot . You have to heal your troops once in a while so that they can keep up. Or else you will just keep calling them and they will keep dying.

Don’t worry about skull tower for now . Keep building firebolt for now .

Have 2 or three snake towers , they are cheaper than firebolts and cause great damage. Have about 5-6 firebolts on your base , that should be enough .

Keep farms upgraded to max all the time according to your level, more foor=more raids=more loot= more upgrades.

You should also have upto 4 workers , so that construction is quick.

nemesis , since you said you’ve maxed out everything you can at throne room level 7 I think you’re gonna be fine once you’ve unlock everything.


I normally use hero scream always also with knights, and they’re “slow” for me, paladins are too slow even using hero scream. I’ll try archers, they are only at level 6 for now cause i haven’t upgraded they so much.


OMG 4 workers? I’m still gathering gems for the thrid troop… the fourth worker cost 1000 gems, and for me it’s too much at the moment, maybe with time and patience… eheh


Upgrading the last 2 farms, only one at once cause when i upgrade it it stops produce food. Having more than one farm stopped for 3 days (from level 10 to 11) it’s not a smart idea ^_^


Packages need you tu buy some gems, i’m a f2p.

you’re dead wrong man , haha.Lucifer will explain the rest of the trick I guess :grinning: