Just waiting?

Since the newest update, I, like the rest of everyone, just waiting for some type of action, I’ve seen a lot of player’s quitting the game all together, it’s not fun, waiting, I’ll pop on, make sure my island’s are secured, check forged item’s, check upgrades, then what? Nothing to do? Attack a island for a couple trophies? Some members say, they’re running thus game alot like the other flare game royal  revolt? I don’t know, I commit myself to only 1 game at a time, I’m 126 ascension, maxed prestige, there needs to be more action in between, I love this game, blood, guts, and victory is what we crave, not waiting for so long in between, invested real money, no problem, but my problem now, waiting, waiting for some action, please caption Morgan, flare game developer’s, come up with a update, that keeps us busy with more action, this waiting is killing me,and absolutely no disrespect in any way is ment, as I said, I love the game, I’m hoping u have a great, action packed update for us in the future :slight_smile:??, all u other teams, see you on the battlefield :crossed_swords:?:slight_smile:??

In my team we set some mini games. Like " who will collect most trophies in 2 weeks" or at line chat, “who made the most beautifull christmas tree”  or if one of our lady member goes a vocation “how many shoes will she take”  with etc… Mostly the reward is setting our alliance emblem for a week✌️?? 

Really boring. No ideas, no news, no challenges, nothing of nothing…this is the true! One month without a word by flaregames (christmas holiday? Wow!! Nor in my kindness i did one month of holiday!?) and at the back…a update with NOTHING!!! 

Good that you guys can afford to be bored. For me it is a little bit more interesting: Odyssey is expensive, buildings are unmaxed and are consequently expensive too, trophy cap for ascension level is reached and unless I gain a hundred or two a day I am moving down and finally, there are 5-7 chests I have to open strictly for ambrosia, as any other reward sucks utterly in terms of efficiency. Good to be high level I guess, but on my side of the spectrum players quit cause there is too much to do. I dont even mention wars, the amount of fun I have every weekends is simply indescribable with the language one should use in public (or private) places. I love to game for an hour or two, maybe three even, but when efficiency means 6 hours a day I kinda question what makes it so much better than taking kids to the cinema, wife to orchestra or both to some distant and warm country? This is the kind of balance the devs are trying to fulfill I believe and I have proposed things to make it slightly more interactive for those at the top and on forums, but overall I am happy with it.

Long post short - while not being optimal, I love this system a lot more than a constant race for something “new”. Plus, with the recent complaints about chests, I kinda wonder whether all those people are equally bored wasting 22k ambrosia or finishing battles with 60 secs remaining. So yeah, there is a spectrum and perfection is always a tricky thing to reach.

P.S. LOVE the update, together with countless nubies not willing to have fake accounts.

Counterpoint: breaking curses has always been tedious busy work and now there’s more of it than ever. 




are u really enjoy this game now? Really???


I like the community a lot. I have some big problems with the game. I hope some of them are fixed with the next upgrade I guess. 

That sounds like addict talk, right?

I certainly do enjoy it now. I did for the pst weekend for sure, no war is so insanely great. Screw them chests, I don’t need those anyway, I would much rather had my weekends back.