Kaiser don't touch Firebolt in Corner

Right now I have fun to do raid with only Kaiser. No troops,no spells but in many of my raid this bug scrap my fun and I have no choice to use Firestorm

I should precise 1 time on maybe 5 raid he can touch it and destroy it but not always

Can be cool if Kaiser can follow more and be more close like Tammy and if he can listen more when you use Scream. The majority of time Kaiser is stubborn and destroy the Gate during the time I am busy to destroy tower in a corner at the gate

So fix those things :

1.Kaiser should destroy tower in a corner

2.Kaiser should listen more his master and follow him more when you use Scream.Like Tammy

Just body push him with the king you have to control him, he was designed to be used like that, its not following completely for a good reason, would be totally op that way.


I confirm this trick work great.Just push him in the corner and you destroy all

a variation of this is when you want to kill a tower by the gate and need to stand in a specific spot for kaiser to stop destroying the gate and go for the tower.

it’s a known technique to move him where you want him to be but why do I need to do that in the first place? Why must I be in 15 places at once to personally see things done when it’d save everyone time and needless effort to just give direct commands to things (like double click on structure/area to have troops/pal go there)?