Kaiser offense stats

Uhm so he has gold protection… wtf Is that good for when you’re attackin someone?  

All pals looks total crap I don’ get this at all… They become weaker when you use the flute? So why waste a spell slot on it? 

Maybe they are just display bugs? At least I hope they are :unsure:

Kaiser casts a more powerful sonic than yours every 6 seconds instead of 10 

He also deals heavy blunt…

Where can you see this? Doesn’ even look like my kaiser beast casts a single ability and mine is level 10

It is actually true, since Kaiser has both ability and special ability almost identical you don’t notice a difference. Primary attack is blunt damage attack like a normal attack, the special ability is quite easy to recognize because you hear and you see a sonic blast effect on your units and hero.

When a spiral light-blue aura turns around the pal/beast (growing of size and intensity accordingly) means that the pal/beast is going to cast the special ability.

The Gold Protection icon should not be there for the offensive Beast, you are right, we will remove it in a future update.


The reason why the stats of offensive Beasts are a bit lower than the Pals… is because you can use their power 2 times in the same period instead of one, look how:


So the cooldown of offensive beasts ability is shorter than for normal pal? But kaiser has a really short cooldown already will he have a double sonic effect then ?