Kaiser pal ability bar

When the ability bar of the Kaiser (to release sonic blast) is filled up, it still takes 1-2 seconds for the spell to be cast.

Please adjust the ability bar of the Kaiser pal to cast the spell immediately when it is filled for 100%.

It’s like this for every pal. They do the stupid kickback before they can do anything with their power. So yes, I agree this needs to be changed for Kaiser. But this needs to be changed for every pal (except Fritz)

Didn’t notice it on tammy, not sure about other pals.

Tammy always takes a second to do a little kickback, it is shorter than Kaiser’s, but it has cost me many attacks because of that

I agree, even if its special ability is still shorter than other pals, for sure those 1-2 seconds gap of his animation to cast the sonic blast are misleading and looks like it take ages to cast the spell. Please adjust this, maybe by increasing the cooldown that it takes to fill up, so we know exactly that it starts to cast the spell as soon as the bar is filled completely.

Or start the animation a half second before the bar fills up

this is actually a better change. better for players

I like the way it is, When I see the bar full, I know when to push kaiser into troops, towers and so on. At least he is not moving (read, slipping away from being pushed). I realize it takes around 1-2 seconds before he does his sonic attack and then it’s a signal to push him. At least at that moment he doesn’t run backwards and not damage the intended tower/troops.

The issue here is that it isn’t consistent with other pals. The ability bar on Kaiser is the only one that doesn’t reset when it is full, but remains at 100% for that 1-2 seconds.

I haven’t noticed that it stays full, I thought you were talking about the delay between when the bar was full and the spell cast

The effect is the same, the bar reaches 100% but stays there for more than 1 second (so the delay is there).


@Stay0Puft thanks for the video, really helps explain what you’re saying