Kaiser Pal Gameplay


WOW! you already have it? Did you buy it or find it from chest?

Great explanation video by the way :slight_smile:


I bought 5 chests for 900 gems (I have a ton of gems for a free player)

but yes, it’s an awesome pal

Can you try it when you raid someone?


I’ll do that right now!

Does it have an aura effect? It’s hard to tell what s going on with the zombies - please do one when ninja starts and have pet solo a few things ?

It has the same range as Sonic Blast maxed out. I’ll do another tomorrow

From the description ("…said to bring good luck and fortune…") I expected that he’d have both Luck boost and Gold boost.  Gold boost is nice, but I’d much prefer luck, to be honest.  In any case, the items this event seem pretty lackluster to me so I’ll probably buy him anyway. :slight_smile:

Maybe awesome but still same if I have 4000 I will not spend for this pal like the others. One day I will find them all for free in a chest

Does it cast sonicblast in every 4-5 seconds?

Yes looks like 6 seconds

It’s really a awesome pal. I have already bought 2 and working on the 3rd. A level 6 offers a 32% gold bonus.

I also bought it but mine is at level 5 currently 

Sounds interesting. As difficult as it would be to use precisely it could replace my own SB spell and gold bonus would be perfect (or purrrfect even :stuck_out_tongue: ) for future events.

Gonna be a tough choice… (curse you flare and your short events! :angry: )

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Kaiser level 7 is pretty good. Much stronger than my boosted sonic spell (12.9k versus 16.1k) and every 6 seconds the sonic blast. I must get used to the starting sound of sonic blast by that pet? plus find an alternative for the healing power of the panda, but it’s incredible. Snake towers go down by a single blast, it only needs some practice or push technique at the moment the beast will launch the blast.

And then the gold boost of 32%+ is also not bad?, it helps a lot. 

I tried first with only unboosted monks against my own base, nope not enough to survive. Since kaiser does a lot of extra damage, I replaced egg aura by heal ring. And yes, then with monks and this pet it’s incredible. Just walk a little bit in front of the troops, kakser follows, launches sonic, use touch and go technique and go to monks. Full health again. It feels like bowling where the towers are the pins and kaiser is the ball.