Kaiser's Gold Boost Not Applied to Pro League

Kaiser has a 10% gold bonus listed, but it doesn’t apply to pro league raids. Are there any other features that dont apply?

You should understand that “your” set in PL is in fact not your own set of your king in the game.
See it like a borrowing^^.
So no it does not apply. Everything that gives your original king resources does not apply (other than crystals of course).

When I click on the i under the pro King’s ratings the full stat overview sheet comes up. On that sheet is a link to the provided pal, which is Kaiser. On the Kaiser screen it says there is a 10% gold boost. That boost is not provided, despite being on the pro league Kaiser’s stat screen.

My own Kaiser has a 41.2% gold boost, and I was not confusing my king with the pro king.

The gold boost is listed since kaiser is equipped in the pro league. Since there is no gold gained in pro league, that boost is applied but there is no effect. As for other features for this pro league, everything else will still apply.

I’ve always thought the second score (not crystals) was gold. What the heck is it? Gotta get some reading glasses.

You mean… this?


These are called “Pro-points”, which defines your pro-score.

Damn… You definitely need some new glasses! :laughing: