kallithea alliance is looking for active members!!!

Hello all,


We are actively seeking new members.

Clan called ‘kallithea’ we are a friendly team

Our current rank is 660

Divine blessings 2 or 4 daily active

We have 14/18 members we need 4 more

We prefer staying within the same team rather than travelling from one alliance to the other

We have an open recruitment for players over level 50.  No need to apply, just join if looking for an alliance.


We only ask the members to join the battles and support with donations

Must be active during war. 

Thanks for reading this topic i hope to join us!

Titan code to joins us CXAIIZUF 

Hey Guys ! Keep Up the great work ! Hope to see your clan on the top Billboards Bro’s!

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aye man keep doing your thing positivity brings greatness!