Take care :slight_smile:

This smells indeed and, unfortunately does happen in games like this. You can try contacting tech support and they may be able to refund the cost. With this said, this is the reason why you have to be extra cautious about people you trust, as we all know that sh1t happens precisely when it is least expected.

No I would never ask for a refund, as it was my fault, for trusting, ?, technically, I did make him a officer, just a sneaky move ?,when u call someone a friend, then they sabotage, and spend Alliance gold on wasted blessings, just some people have no honor :slight_smile:,just like to cause havoc,  it’s a game, I don’t know, I’d rather play with honor,I’m gonna be playing for a LONG  time ?, see u all on the battlefield my friends​:crossed_swords:???

The truth is, I’ve already donated some money. And after you promote me to officer, I try to keep donating. Before I’m an officer, when i click the blessing button, it will redirect me to a donate page. After I was promoted, i click the blessing button again and again, hoping to go to the donation page, don’t know that it actually deplete the alliance’s gold in the background. Well, it’s my careless action. But smoke, you ought to talk to me first, I can easily pay for my mistake. Instead, you kick me out immediately. That’s sad.


Karllcl, truthfully, I liked u alot, Hong Kong my freind, I apologize to you sincerely, was really kind of hurt feelings, thinking u were trying to stir up chaos in the Alliance, which didn’t make sense, because u donated alot of gem donations quickly, I’m sorry for rash judgment, I would delete this post about u, but don’t know how, or if  even can?, it wasn’t done on purpose, I believe u now :slight_smile:, sorry for the original post, your always welcome back, if u need a change of teams, good luck my friend, see you on the battlefield :crossed_swords:????


There might be a way to hide it all, but thats not up to me to decide :slight_smile:

You can edit the post if you want :slight_smile:

Yes, you have to edit your first post and the title of course…