Keep battles fair and balanced

I’ve been attacked regularly by player’s 25+ ranks ahead of mine. it seems like i’m only attacked by level 75+ players these days. and when they defeat my base, I lose 15 trophies. yet, if I were to try to attack anybody 25 ranks lower than me, I would receive zero. I personally try to attack players on my rank, or two, sometimes three ranks above mine. I personally find the idea of a level 75 player attacking a level 54 to be quite cowardly, and believe that they shouldn’t be encouraged, or rewarded for picking (super) easy targets. I think stronger penalties against cowardly players would balance this out.


I remember a classic arcade fighting game called “Primal Rage” (dinosaur fighter game, awesome). if you would use cheap tactics to gain unfair wins, like multiple tripping, corner trapping, or several fireballs in a row, your character would be struck by lightening, and the screen would flash “cheese”. something in that spirit would be greatly appreciated :wink:


again, i’m not complaining. I absolutely love Royal Revolt. but I believe in sportsmanship, and despise bullying cowards. I’ve spent $150 on gem packs this month, and will continue to recommend this game to everybody I know. 

I only get attacked by players 8+levels ahead of me. It’s because my base is heavily upgraded. That’s the penalty for buying gems: your player gets stronger faster and so the game algorithm says to higher level players: “This base’s strength is a good match for you.”


So getting stronger faster means being lower in rank because high level players easily raid a lower king’s base. It’s almost paradoxical, and makes buying gems a questionable decision. This game has a lot of rebalancing left to do.

It’s based more on your trophies than anything else. So if you rush ahead using scrolls and such, you’ll placed in a higher league, and your trophies will be corrected back to normal by your defense. Ergo, you need both a strong offense to gain trophies, and a good defense to keep them.

Really, the only way to maintain rank is to upgrade your defense. Personally, I just focus on defense, and people bring the trophies to me instead of me having to go out and get them :wink: