Keep only Uber items in Uber chest

So the So-Called- “Uber Wars” are over and we all were very excited about what Uber items we may recieve and what did I get? 80 gems and 92 pearls? ~___~

This is not at all what we expect An Uber chest to give, Uber Chests should give only uber items, and not 79 gems.Looks like the free uber-chests we receive in wars and from Daily-Rewards actually give bad items compared to Friend-Uber chests and chests bought via gems.

My observations were a little bit different:

  • the friend uber chest normally gives one unique item (none in one case so far)
  • the free uber chest (from the daily chest table) has an (estimated) chance of 1 in 10 to get a unique item
  • the war uber chest contained one unique item in 100% of cases, two that is :stuck_out_tongue:
  • can’t say anything about bought uber chests

But yes: uber gems or pearls are disappointing, just remove them. And please increase the chance of unique
items in the free daily ubers chests. With the current chance it’s roughly 2 unique items per year of daily playing.

M SURE someday you can see even more like…


But what about uber vouches? 

That’s what we all actually want 

:wink:  hahaha. That’s the answer to all our problems indeed, everyone wants vouchers. I am still speechless from my legendary 13 vouchers last couple of times.

Maybe I can get now 25 vouchers at once.

They need to increase the maximum amount of items with the Uber chest. I may be willing to buy a bigger Uber chest package if I could keep most of them. Need at least 50 or Uber items don’t count towards the 25.

That is really becoming a problem, having to add 500 gems for every uber item you want to keep is too much.
Even 250 during this event is too much, given the high amount of unique items that are worth keeping.

The Uber chest IMHO is a joke…since they have have brought them out how many real " uber " items have you gotten…I can count on 1 hand how many were better then I already had …really ?? UBER to me sounds like elite top of the line…not garbage!!! sure you can turn them into pearls but that costs too…honestly I wouldn’t spend the gems to buy an Uber Chest…not worth it…

Most of the ubers are useless. I got a ring with fire resistance;? Really Flare? Why is their so much of luck factor in this game now?

I silo refill for me requires like 70 vouchers, its not worth unless ofc they give 700

Added to you gokulzz,

How about Uber Food? :wink: