Keep the Zombie as a Permanent Part of the Game!

I love the Zombie he’s not only fun because he’s something new in the game!

But he adds a new dynamic: Turning or Zombifying your Enemies!

But more importantly his presence makes other obsolete elements of the game becomes useful and necessary again!

The Zombie’s weakness to Fire makes Firebolt Towers and Pyromancers become relevant again, even Gargoyle Towers! 

I do not want to see the Zombie go with Halloween.  I want Flare to make the Zombie a year-round aspect of the game!


2 Minor Tweaks:

The Zombies should have at least a 50% poison resistance.

And a Life Drain.

Or FG have to change ninjas : Zombies can convert, ninja can stun or something like that

They can change Ninjas, Ninjas can be their own thing!  But I never want to lose Zombies!

Yes the zombies add a funny dynamic to a monster heavy base…

I’m not sure about life drain as turning troops is a fairly good skill on its own.

But man they are butt ugly I think I will get tired of looking at them quick :grinning:

Thou they could easily have a bunch of different ones with the same ability… mutant whatever orcs bears tassie devil, etc.

They could mod/vary the behaviour/weaknesses slightly but just rotate though them.

Agreed, the pink half brain sticking out of the head really isn’t gory it’s just stupid and annoying looking. 

I totally agree the graphics look cheap.  And variation or just any change would help.

Also why are Zombified units partially clear?  Long term that’s something that should be fixed too!

I think they should change as follows: 1 week ninja, 1 week zombie, 1 week alliance war and again (maybe in time they will add new weekly events so each weekend a new event starts).

No reduction in Alliance Wars, please and I would like to see zombies again next Halloween :wink:  They should be seasonal. Elves for Christmas, Bunnies for Easter, etc.

I do love the idea of Elves for Christmas! 

But I’m not willing to part with Zombies ever! 

I want them to become an everyday thing!

And I am a level 106 player, not huge, but I’ve been around long enough Flare should be working to keep people like me involved.

I honestly think they have too little alliance war as is.  I think the Ninja/Zombie event should be re-imagined so that you do it on your own time whenever you want like the dungeons.

Noi please no!!! I hate so much Halloween and more stuff like Zombie and others thing like that. I don’t watch TV or rarely during October because of Horror stuffs all the month

Its ok to have them only during Halloween Event but no more. The same thing for Chritsmas Event, Easter Event and so on…

I have no problem with temporary units during Event