Keyboard Control

It is really frustrating to play the windows version of the game on non-touch PC. Moving the hero with a mouse is ridiculously problematic. Moving them might be easier with arrow keys because people have different layouts of keyboard they use.

And few other bugs are there like, you can not scroll up or down in the normal Hall of Fame. This is happening in the iOS version al well.

No its not. Play this game on PC its really easy. you just need to learn how to play on PC

use 1,2,3 for summon troop and the mouse for move and spells

You just need practice :slight_smile:

and if you really found its impossible for you use Autoplay

What happens when I’m playing on my laptop ??? I don’t carry a spare mouse around with me…

Please try playing the game without a mouse on a laptop… You will feel my frustration… :smiley:

Sorry you don’t have mentioned in your post. If it is on a laptop it’s completely different.

Thanks for the feedback, RonDat. We are looking into improving keyboard-only controls.

I agree, usually the mouse pointer becomes lost due to hard to see and I just end up clicking everywhere until I use gem spells…  arrow keys would be great!