Keyboard Shortcuts Customization Urged

Hi Flare Staffs, I have played this game for a whole year now and I’m also an old League of Legend player. You may know that in League of Legend we use keys QWER and DF to use our champion’s abiliies and we can also customize our own favorite keys . Would you please allow us to customize our own keys in RR2 instead of 123456789 in the keyboard ?   Many thanks. 

In my opinion, the 123 for troops, 567 for spells, and 90 for scrolls is the best positioning for a player. If you’ve been playing for a year then you should be used to it by now, nonetheless, it would be nice to have the option to change the keys because it is a little tricky to get the hang of it. Another reason would be if one of your keys on the keyboard broke (for instance, the 1 key), it would great to be able to change that key to be able to play with 3 troops again

+1 for this idea :slight_smile: