Kick aura ring

Question: kick aura is at 2.7 % is it worth spending crystals at that % ? Flotha shows his in you tube vid at 50+% 

any thoughts ??? 

If you are not at least king level 100 or higher would not waste anything on gear except farm perks. But that is just me. The gear goes up to 130 from what I have heard and can tell.

I’m at 106 and have not seen any gear go higher for past 4 or so levels.

130 is max, but the higher your hero level, the better the stats of those level 130 items

FTB video version was from old value Zelos ring so the value that high and there’s no “%” anymore on the current bomb kick aura values.

I got my Zelos ring at 39.5% after value correction by flare and forges 5 times, my kick aura is at 2.81

Conclusion: I think 2.7 is enough, you can get rid those ice damage and look for skull perk for war purpose. You can’t wait your hero reach more high level to get better item because we don’t know when flare decide to get rid those item from the pro shop.

Thanks RoyaleDing2 very helpfull

Thanks guys

In your opinion is the kick ring worth it at that 2.8 range? Just need to know if I should go ahead and pick up like your saying. Was not sure if made difference or not. Thanks in advance.

Yes, it’s worth. ?

My lvl is 120 and zelos ring shows 3.0 

I think max is about 3.2 at lvl 130 which u can easily reach by forging but it doesn’t matter much