Kicking and then rekicking

I really don’t like having to kick a member from my alliance, it is not like I didn’t give them a hint it was coming. But then if you open the alliance back up there they are. A filter for players that have been kicked, if you want them back. I hate having to rekick them , then I’m angry. Some are just clueless.

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.

Be Feared !!!


apply to join

The problem James speaks about is a problem in the lower alliances (below 800) where players tend to jump and move between alliances. The best way to fill up the alliance is to make it “open”. Then again this low level player joined and refuse to leave even if kicked many times. 

Luckily this situation gets fixed and manageable in the top alliances where it is “apply to join”.  (But for a start-up alliance, this feature - it would be nice) 


am I missing something here?

There is nothing easier than kicking a player I can even think of, in game.

The alternative, as Phage suggested, is toggle “open” to " “apply”. But then you are forced to recruit for new members.

(thats even more clicking buttons than kicking!)

You actually could have kicked 100 players with the same effort it took to make this post.

Just pretend your clicking the “w” key…



Stupid response. 

But its exactly what I expect of Huck.

I enjoy your point of view, man. lets hear it

Unfortunately, that’s not a solution.  I was actually just posting about a similar problem.  My alliance (Knights who say Ni) is suffering from a jack-ass (Farid260) who will apply once every other minute and we have to keep rejecting his application (if we want to keep our inbox clean).  Super annoying, I’d like to specifically block him from even applying. 

And yours is not a solution at all.  You’re just saying grin and bare it.

I was wrong to assume this is a problem with lower level alliances only.

  • my vote. 


that’s true that there should be a block for players that try continuously to send invite to join the alliance