Kicking fireballs back?

The in-game tips said I can kick fireballs back to avoid taking damage from them? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Maybe I misread what it said? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks 

It applies to fireballs that are thrown by “Prometheus Tower”, when tower throws them, you just have to walk over that fireball before it explodes and it will be thrown back to tower and explode, resulting in dealing damage to tower itself.

Whenever Prometheus tower hurls a fireball just move your hero towards that ball before it explodes and the fireball will automatically be thrown back towards the tower.So in this way you can save your troops from the damage and at the same time deal good amount of damage to the tower.

Use autoplay, the hero almost always seem to kick the bombs back when in autoplay. :wink:  @Rideonredhand