Kill Units while Petrified

Without what the title suggests, Stone ninja’s literally do nothing and almost hurt your offense. I think it’d be great if your troops were allowed to take health off troops while petrified, that way we don’t waste time trying to get our troops by the obstacle

You mean petrified units should hurt non-petrified units? Wouldn’t that kinda kill the whole point of petrifying troops?

Or did I misunderstand something…?

I have killed petrified opposition. I think the issue is that the health meter doesn’t seem to move when they are petrified, so it doesn’t look like they are taking damage.  Might be a visual bug.

No, non petrified should be able to hack at petrified units

I think its fine, if its in a big pack fight and some units get petrified, the enemy units try to break them out so your army doesn’t get hurt.
and if theres no other enemy units around, your units can just run past and once timer runs out petrified units die by themselves saving your army time.

making your units attack petrified units will slow down your army more than it will help, if they start attacking units that will die from petrification anyway.
i’ve never seen my units get stuck behind petrified units.

Problem is with surprise mummy, petrified surprise mummy can produce knights that is dangerous. If your ninjas petrify surprise mummy and you move forward then after getting destroyed surprise mummy will produce knights. Btw personally i don’t have any complains against petrifying.

That is an horrible sugestion to be honest and would be a game breaker because Basilisk Towers would become too OP.


The current system is fine: petrified units have a timer. They get unpetrified when a friendly unit saves them and they die when the timer runs out.

this loses you time if and most likely WHEN the units free the stoned units. Stone Ninjas are a HUGE risk

It seems like the original complain is centered on the issue where petrified enemy units are blocking your army from advancing, causing lost time during the raid.  

The current system is place is correct conceptually.  Petrified enemy will die when the timer runs out, there is no need for your army to attack and kill a unit that will die eventually. Problem in reality is that petrified units block the path and can cause a bottleneck.

Unfortunately your only option is to use your king to push your way through to advance. I have certainly noticed petrified enemy units getting carried forward along the path with my army when I am pushing ogres to the front (using KOW).


First off, I wasn’t really complaining, I was, in fact, stating a suggestion. As I said in my post above, having a troop that prevents your units from killing them, giving you a 50% chance of killing the troop with the petrification. Stone ninja’s are like a WAY worse stun. With stun, at least you can take hit points off the troops. I have to admit, having Stun ninja’s would be pretty cool. White and Blue ninja’s, representing the colors of stun!

What about petrified enemy units triggering enemy wolf howl… I mean seriously?

They 100% need to change this.

Maybe it’s the wolf’s way of trying to un-petrify them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aren’t they doing that already? I thought I saw my troops do that plenty of times. Probably. Hmm…

No, they don’t hack at it, they just go around it, like cannons go around troops