Kind of hard for New Players

Hi team,

Please see that the leagues are played between players of same level… Its really tough for new players to play the leagues(Silver,Gold,Platinum Etc) and other competitions  with players whose level are 100 and above… You can match players depending on their hero level/Throne Room Level something like that… You ll be losing new players if they keep competing and losing to a much higher level… Kindly consider

It’s a bit funny that sometimes 50lv from 130lv in the league.

Bronze, Silver is adjusted to + - some trophies next to it, gold as it flies. - the new player has no chance for diamond or platinum gems. - catching 75 for …

Actually low level is the best time to win leagues because you can refill food by leveling up I think

something like that, yeah. It really is just because you get a heck of a lot more medals for a heck of a lot less bread

Not really. Level 1 to 50. Just do your main raids each days. Rank 1 assured. At Level 60+ you need to find raids at 100+. 24-34 is not enough. Bronze,Silver and Gold are easy. Platinum you need to farm dungeon or high level players. Diamond no clue too much crazy for me

In the Diamond, it doesn’t matter what level you are, you’re always in it with much higher players

Majority of time Diamond contain level 110+ who can do raids at 1000 medals so its a lose cause in advance for any low and medium level. out of reach. Specifically on Windows device with no Food video