King defend the castle.

I want my King defend the castle when the enemy reaches the end and to establish and use their spells according to the amount of energy you have. 90 % first spell 60 % second spell, 30 % last spell


why only your king? why not bring all the chickens, dungeon’s guard, your workers, all the units left in the troop academy, the birds on your wizard’s tower and the people in the taverns too?? surely they can be the last stand in your kingdom…

Instead of king, I would like the queen able to help in base defense. The queen should able to level up by herself and we can equip with items, spells etc. We can also set the queen appear on which wave. The hp of queen should be higher as well.

King , queen

How about add prince too


Bases are currently strong enough and having at the end a king that cast his spells against you + doom gate that through you thousands of bombs (poison, skull, fire bombs) will be currently impossible do a 100% raid lol

Agreeing 100% with oPelle. 


Though, the idea of having the queen appear once per raid on a wave of your choice… sounds quite cool :slight_smile:


Queen defense castle in the wave yet the king still sitting in his throne

Thats funny

Ughhhh I can already imagine.

Sonic Blast!


-Kills every unit-

Seriously, a whole army would be like one wave to the king XD At least Shield would be useless.

Shield useless? Imagine a king shielding 3 waves (some across path overlap) as well as all towers and barricades. 

I’d rather say shield would be overpowered on defense^^ Imagine you on offense try to use a swordrain or blizzard to kill the waves, but they’re shielded :grinning:

It is pretty awesome if FG can consider to implement this. Agree need to fix the balancing issue though.


I suggest we can set queen on a wave of our choice so that we can have more variety in strategy. Perhaps can give some surprises to those raid our base?  haha

I think about this since FG added Items and customisations to the King.



The King of the attacked Castle should come out of the Castle Gate as soon as the Gate becomes the first damage.



This would be awesome because you will stand against the owner of the Castle in the last part of the Attack. Sure it should be a AI like the other defenders and without spells but still powerful because of the high HP and the other stats of the King.


This would make Customisations more meaningful and would add the Feeling that you really attack another King.

I think about this since you added Items and customisations to the King.


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I think the king should come out of the castle once the gate is down and start cursing for comedic value.

I think the king should come out of the castle once the gate is down and start cursing for comedic value.