King Level 57; Looking for an active alliance!

IGN: JxA.05

Language: English

Hero level: 57

Trophies: 1703

Alliance Tower’s level: 20K

Availability: Very Active

Hi jscorpio1105, if you’re still looking for a new alliance, we will be very happy to welcome you in our alliance “For Reasons Unknown”.

Our alliance rank 2.959 and is quite new, because we established it to have an alliance with more active members. We’d be glad if you come around and join us.


You should come check us out at Mortal Legend V.  

We are very active and are focused on winning our wars.  We are a friendly group of English with some French, and we have one slot open.  We have done very well in our previous wars, as you can see in our thread below.

You are also very close to the middle of our rankings, so you fit right in.


Hi give us a try for one season TheNorthWind :slight_smile:

Castleblack Inc. won the  last war season. 4 strong generals.We need a few loyal members willing to fight till the end, had to kick a few during the season that did not want to. Join us and, Be FEARED !!!

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.


We will bring the fight and some beers. Are you ready to return the favor? Look me up on Line alpha_beavis

IHi, if you’re still looking for an alliance ours has roughly half of our members at your king level, the others are 70-80+ we need active members as we have cut out the unreliable players, hence us having 11players! We need someone like you. I am BeardOfDoom in game also, join “Qonqr”


our alliance FairyTail…welcome everybody from all over the world! and thats what we are by now. i´m from germany and some other guys, too. in chat we are talking english. my hero level is 77. it doesnt matter how much you donate, but just do it. most important is that you want to fight with us together in war. if youre loyal for a long time youll get general. if it`s necessary, we start various boosts. we can take 22 soldiers - be a part of it and join us!

best regards,


Our alliance merged with Kings Network, now we are 19 of 24 of strong players who all give more than 3 fights per battle in a war. If you are looking to merger or to change team, we will soon be able to accommodate more players. 


come join the [DARK KNIGHTS] WE are the best.

come over to the dark side