King lvl102 need a break

Alliance tower lvl12,need to have an alliance in a short term due to previous hectic war season,preferably alliance lvl200-400.anyone who want a king for a short term stay can add me as friend.i will accept ur request if it is suitable for ign meng77

You could temporary join Gods of Destiny. They are focusing on leveling up and can use all the help. So probably their war season won’t be hectic.

Otherwhise there is always my team that you can visit.

Meng, You are more then welcome to visit us. We are level 31 with 18 players. We are not within the 400’s and we don’t have any boost right now. But  we like to play the game and we are a fun group. I sent you a invite. Colors of Hawaii 2.


AM i just want to but in and my team level is 20

join the [DARK KNIGHTS]

o my god we are full sorry but you should join Dena4 team


I think you can join little huns we are 250 rank 39 lvl alli with orge,archer,knight,barri all time boosted,we also have pyro boosted,

In war season we also have boosted canon…