King Of The Hill

Our Goals

Our vision is none other than to become the first team, but at the same time having fun and keeping a good atmosphere, enjoying the game to the fullest.

Our Philosophy

Our way of thinking is not very common, right now we are a top 20 team with members that share a passion for the game and for the moment stay neutral.

We progress through teamwork

We don’t constantly recruit and replace members but we help new and old members through defense testing, advices and sharing our exclusive game guide.

We have 30 different country, that made us worldwide alliance which has all time zones.

That way we focus on loyalty and stability. Also it’s a way to build friendships that last long, even outside the game.


Unity in diversity



What we offer

We are currently a Level 45 Alliance [44 members]
Ranked 11 on trophies list [about 460k]
Ranked 19 on torches list [91]
108% gold bonus/ 14% donation bonus
We run most blessings 24/7 


Members Requirements

Extra donation is appreciated but not necessary
You need to follow the war plan to the word

You need to follow your teams designated islands

You need to check line chat at war time
You need to interact in line and ingame
Must be Active & with good war performance

Minimum individual war score is last titan chest

Hall of Uranus must be Level 9
Acceptable Prestige 19+
Minimum Trophies 8000
Minimum Ascension Level 105+

Mimimum Harbor Point 6000+

Download Line app & communicate in English

Applications on line app or private msg

Line : Jtop313

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You the man JC!