king should get range attack wepons

for such a long time king is using only blunt and normal attack, and units have fancy range attacks. flare have proven that they can give serious better upgrades to game, then why not give these fancy attacks in hands of king itself.

I totally agree with you!


Here’s a post where I went into detail about some cool different weapons!


What we already have is the sword/hammer.


But I know a lot of players prefer ranged combat and would like to have their King as a ranged unit. 

So I’m suggesting:


The Bow/Crossbow.  Like any other weapon given the current battle situation you may choose your old Sword or the new Bow (which you just paid gems to buy)! 


The Wand/Staff would increase the King’s magical abilities, and I could see that going two ways (but both ways we have to pay more gems to buy it!  Flare should be happy about that!) 

First I was thinking the Wand/Staff could be for converting enemy units at range! 

Or it could allow the King to project his spells at range. 

I’m game for either.