King v King Arena

Add King v King arena

Gain valour points for consecutive number of victories.

More valour points = bigger prize but loose and points are reset to zero. Cash in points and take a prize or carry on in the arena to try and win more points.

<- this guy already thought of this



Me too!

<-this guy thought of this before you even started playing RR2

Ok if others have asked before let’s hope that the developers seriously consider adding it to the game.

PvP is always fun.

developers aren’t the ones that makes the decisions…they are  just doing what they are told to do, and the people that does do the decision making will most likely not implement this amazing idea or they will do it but just ruin it in a way(that’s typical coming from flare)

King vs King alone is very predictable, because almost every offensive spell is melee/low range. So who has more HP, higher dps = winner, you see the result even before u try. No skill required.

King vs King with army is hard to start, because of unit combination. You chose Orge? Ok, I would bring Arb. Then you would wanna change it to Mortar to counter? Ok, I would change to pyromancer … And if the unit combination is private, then no skill required too. Bad unit combo vs ur opponent and you are finished. So, people will choose an unit combo that wouldn’t hard counter anything or be hard countered. => Higher leadership = winner.


Any idea to solve this dilema, guys?

My idea of pvp isn’t the same as you meant, my way of thinking is both bases of the two players are facing each other and the two players either kill the opponent or beat their base…but the opponent is still there to defend his base

Exactly. A castle gate at either end and summoned troops + king.

Also, take a max swordrain spell, 5.4k damage, hit it once and a max level king (about 26k health) will lose about 50% of his health! However, this would also result in some interesting things, like Toxic Cloud would now be a useful spell (4.4k damage - whether this is damage per sec or total damage over 3 secs - a max poison tower does only 300; and 4.4k / 4 = 1.1k, which is therefore at least 3.5x as much damage as a poison tower). However, I think a better idea would be to take the king out the game entirely. All there is is a tent spawning troops. Your troops have to kill your opponents tent before they kill yours (Maybe towers, maybe not. No castle gate though, and less towers if towers are included.) What do you guys think?

You just ended this topic…

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