King Vs King Showdown!!!

with the update instead of waiting for people to get offline they should give a warning to the person saying theyre about to be attacked so they should be able to go defend pvp and if they kill the challenger the challenger loses if the defender gts klled he cant defend but the waves still defend. its the same as before but the person being attacked can come and fight trying to kill the attacker it would sort of work as if the defender was attacking except trying to kill the king not a castleā€¦

Its good but what will you do if your level is 60 and you challenge a 70 level king 100% chance you will be lose waste of food trophies and time .

with all of my almighty power i moved this topic here

Beware Tiny royal revolters, we have a God among us :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes.Like what mani aashu said,it is a waste of trophies,time and food if you find a lv 70 king.Futhermore,this idea is quite complicated to be done.

you can try or the cant defend if they are weaker