Kingdom Dashboard - Get your fresh kingdom stats right here

I was tired of adding numbers the other day just to get my total gold bonus or my blacksmith melting capacity so I put together this little app to get my things organized. I named it “Kindom dashboard”. I didn’t find any good name so you will have to deal with it. It’s still in development phase but it’s working already (well mostly, with missing bits here and there). Anyway, have fun !

If you have any question, fell free to ask.

Wanna try ? Click here !

What does it do?
Well, it shows you your production capacity, stats about your king and castle, how much your gold bonus is and a bunch of other stats. Some stats are easily available at the wikia (thansk oPelle), so nothing new here. 

How does it works?
Magic ! Not really, it’s just a simple javascript page that uses the data you have entered and do a bunch of ultra complex maths to give you your kingdom profile. And as a bonus, your stats are kept in a cookie so you don’t have to enter them each time.

You are collecting our data, isn’t it ,you filthy hobbit ?
Nope! And honestly, I don’t really need to know your hourly bread production.

I got a bunch of N/A in my results. What is this ?
These are just some work in progress or missing data. The app is still in beta phase.

Sweet ! Can you add this [insert suggestion]… ?
Well yeah, if it’s possible and relevant, why not !

Can it show me the next event ?

Where can I see it ?
Here !

Wow it’s really cool! I list you some things that must be fixed although i know that it’s a beta but maybe i can help you to find them out:

  • a TYPO error in “resources” word
  • max morale is 20 and not 21
  • you have to set a limit of hero lvl for example if i type lvl 500 it showes me 60 morale :wink:  so must be introduced a function that say you error if you write a number too high


  • add all perks (start morale, luck, etc)


also btw do you have an idea how to add the frame without using HTML but only CSS around a image for example or a div?

Well, you can almost do it using CSS pseudo element :before and :after. The problem is that we have only 2 of those available and we need four of them. But if you have two DIVs, it would be perfectly working. Just take note that it doesn’t work directly on an IMG tag. I’ll get back to you in a few minutes with a working example.

There. The first box uses two divs and the corner will go over the content. The second box uses only one div but have some flaws as the corner are used as background image. If you use a padding on the box it will prevent the content from going over the corners.

Cool, thanks  ^_^ i’d like to edit some part of the wikia doing that thing, let’s see what i can do ^^

P.S.: i did also long time ago but wasn’t good the result then i forgot how to do it again XD

The King level has been fixed. You can put lv 900 without having weird data. I will add the attack/leadership/health too. I still don’t know what to do with the missing data from some level (on the wikia) 

Also, I will look at the new troop donation feature and see if anything related could be added

V0.3 is out

  • It now takes into account that gold boost can be on every items
  • Added the so much loved skull perk.
  • Added the max skull per raid (1015 + skul lbonus)
  • Added the farmer boost. You can save your data. I will eventually add all the food/raid related stats
  • Minor tweaks.

If you already used the system, hit CTRL + F5 to get a fresh new version of the javascript.

It’s good. 

Probably, if it could be oriented to inputting opposition’s players data that’re available in-game, and we could get how many XP points we can gain from an attack, that would have been great. It might be little difficult, I guess. 


The problem with that is that there is no data available about xp gain. Plus, I’m pretty sure that the xp you gain in a raid is based in part on the towers level you destroy and the levels of the units you kill, all of which is impossible to know.

Update 0.4

  • Added other perks, data will be saved but are not showed yet)
  • Items perk are now collapsible
  • Corrected the blacksmith event data to fit the newest values
  • Small bug fixes

I will plug these new data in the next version. 

  • Total start morale (Start morale plus bonus)
  • Food cost per fight (Food cost with farmer bonus)
  • Max fight with full silo and farms

If you have already visited this page in the  past, hit Ctrl+F5 to get a clean copy of the latest script.

Once again, if you have questions/comments, go ahead.

Fix word resources (it has double “s”)

Awesome job once again, keep it up  ^_^

I know both yours and oPelle’s sites are independent, but for the greater benefit of RR2 players linking each other in each other’s site might be useful.


I will add a link in the next version. Most of my data are from the wikia, it’s only fair to the site as a source.


@MrSchmouck I just tried it and it was great but I think you seem to have forgotten one of the most important aspects of RR2.

Where is the crashing?? 

RR2 players will be confused if your code works too well and doesnt crash,  they will think it uses some kind of magic to make it work all the time.  

You should speak to Flare I’m sure they can help put in some additional erroneous code to make it randomly crash for no reason at all at least a few times per day. ?

Great job Btw ?