Kingdom Housing-

Has any Kings or Queens used some attention to detail and noticed that after awhile the number of houses grow in your Kingdom.  I’ve noticed it for months and feel excited to see my Kingdom actually expand in growth and population and I’m kind of curious if anyone has noticed a pattern to it or a cause of it.  My thoughts are based on Castle Gate level or King level because both of mine have increased within the past week and something added more houses so.  Thoughts anyone?

Maybe Taverns?

I used to think that but my taverns have been at now “old max” since 2 months ago and I noticed the house numbers grew a week ago when I upgraded the Castle Gate and leveled up a few times.

Then it probably is Castle Gate. That upgrades the actual Castle walls, as well.

I think it’s based on Gold. I just bought a gold package +11mil for 750 gems, and suddenly my city became overpopulated XD

Could be or could be a factor of influence, I’ll have to check when I upgrade my treasure Chamber to max, Sonic Blast level 7 breaks my Chamber sadly so now I have to wait to upgrade it further. 

Just arrived delegations from friendly alliances. And several of the enemy. It was necessary to expand the wall.

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