Kingdom Map

We now have conquest events. I liked the principle it works. Exploring each tiles to gain something special. I liked it very much. So I thought of implementing on kingdoms. Implementing this idea requires great amount of food. So we need a better food production and storage. For the readers info This may look more like conquest but there is way without explaining them. 

When you start your RR2 adventure, you have to select the area which you wan’t to build your kingdom in a map. Select it and your Kingdom will be registered. The map have no end point. This map never ends, means your choice never ends.You can see your kingdom on a hexagonal tile on the map. Assess the map by pressing a button. You can also see six other tiles 'round your kingdom. Beyond that is just fog. Move to a tile by pressing on it two times. And the area 'round that tile becomes clear. Exploring requires food. You can only leave if you have at least 250 special alleys. Explore the tiles. You will earn something special. However, you need to upgrade your kingdom in order assess them.

The special alleys are built to help on your journey. Scouts, Spies, Delivery, Soldiers, Workers, post etc… scouts help to reveal an area. spies and workers I will explain later. Delivery helps to get food if you are away from your kingdom, post helps to know about your kingdoms condition.

There are many tiles of which some tiles are important. Resource tiles, Production tiles, Kingdom tiles , Event tiles… Resource tiles have many resources in it. And you can get one time resources without battling if you are on this tile. Needs workers to claim the resources. Production tiles produces loot for you if you defeat that tile defense. And it will still produce if you’re not on the tile. Make sure to defend it from other players. Kingdom tile is a tile of another players kingdom. Defeat it and you will gain loots. You can plant spies if you manage to gain 3 stars. Spies will steal some of their wealth every time and will make their defensive towers work not properly. They will not detect them at first. Theyhave to figure it out and eliminate them. Event tiles are tiles where events like ninja event and festivals happen. These tile changes every time interval. Map is updated on every 2 weeks.

Beware of players, they can steal your carrying wealth. If you lose you will lose all your alleys and food, forcing you to go to your kingdom.

In order to gain wealth you must explore to gain wealth. Most of the time you will not be able to explore more far away regions. So players have to attack their neibours again and again. Neibours will become your enemy. You don’t want that. I have a remedy for that. Make lot of friends away from your kingdom. You can rest and regain food from their kingdoms. And if you wish you can start exploring from there. In this way you will grow your friendship.

I like that idea, but domething I don‘t like do. 

I think the game should start on the kingdom map, where you can see a button on your kingdom. When you click at this button, you are at your privat stronghold (not alliance stronghold) and can manage them like what are you also doing now (see the stronghold, build your defense, mange the look of your King, upgrade the buildings and the sendende,…). It also would be better if you don‘t use food for exploring. A new resscource would be better I think. 


There also could be a new building which you can build during your exploring like the watchtower in the conquest map. They could handle as your base. That mein, if you lose a fight a battle you get back to your last base. Your stronghold would be your home. 

Another good idea is, that there is a path to your alliance member. On this path the insta troops came to your alliance members. There also could be a new building where you can meet your alliance members. 


I like your idea with the special tiles and the event tiles but I don‘t like your idea to change the map every two weeks. Flaregames should implement the kingdom map once and the map should never change. 

When you discover a alliance stronghold then maybe a conquest can start. Your alliance members become a message of that. 

Maybe I have forgotten do write my opinion to some other of @True21  idea. 

I Hope that will come to the game with version 5.0. In the version 5.0 could also add the pal hut, another post in that thread (Suggestions & Improvments). 

Its actually more to say as RR3 instead of 5.0.0

I mean if defense and attack system changes and all the food and research things change RR2 wont be RR2 anymore.

I don‘t think so, because Flaregames made RR2 for one reason and that reason was multiplayer. I think there won‘t be RR3 in the future, because Flaregames add new features to the game.

When you think: What was new in RR2 in the first version? 

Nothing but multiplayer (every palyer have to build/upgrade their defense, buildings, troops and spells). Now we have a lot more features in the game, so that a kingdom map also come to RR2, but I am sure that won’t be for version 5.0 or 6.0. 

It’s not the whole map that changes. The kingdoms tiles and production tiles will be uneffected . Your neibours will be always your neibours. It’s the resource tiles and event tile that is affected by the change.


How more I think about that idea, I will come to the conclusion, how that kingdom map should’t be very nearly the same thing like conquest map only without alliance. I mean with that, when a kingdom map come to the game for what  should be the conquest map there then.  Because it is nearly the same thing. And how should conquest implemented in the kingdom map?

 I like the idea, that you have do discover your neighbor (or enemy) because since we have the conquest map it is a bit ***** that we only must click the „Search-Fight“-button to have a normal battle  without discover them first. 


But with the event tiles and special tiles I don‘t know of the kingdom map would be the right thing for that because the would be nearly the same es conquest. 


So what should be the big difference to the conquest map bzw. conquest event? 


Sorry for my bad English, I hope you can unterstand what I mean also in this way. 

Now I have a really good idea for the kingdom map which have same big differences to the conquest map or conquest event. 



In the beginning you have to choose a landscape, where the kingdom should be. You have also the possibility to change that later. If you have an alliance, you would see the strongholds of every member of your alliance and also the alliance stronghold on the map. You can enter with a click on a button the alliance stronghold and your own stronghold to manage them (upgrade buildings, upgrade troops, upgrade spells, build a (strong) defense, collect resources,…). Maybe you can also visit the stronghold (not alliance stronghold) of the other member of your alliance. 


In the kingdom there would be event tiles(pro league, festivel, war, conquest, (new) pal hunter mode,ninja event,…). The dungeon stays in the castle and don‘t are a event tiles in the kingdom map so nothing change on the dungeon. How you can start that events I will explain later. 


For the kingdom map there will be a new building in the stronghold which would be produce a new resscource that you would use to travel around the kingdom map. 


If you have discor a stronghold (not alliance stronghold) from a player, you can attack that building to moce on it. Then you have the typically fight preparation (select units and spells) and then you can attack the player. 


When you are on a tile with another player, it wouldn‘t be a fight against that player. For a fight you have to find their stronghold. You can make a friend request to that player. When the player accept the friend request then you can‘t attack the stronghold of that player, because you are friends. But he can help you, when you attack a stronghold of another player. If you attack another player, your friend can move to your tile and also fight against that player. 


An event will be start, when you moving on that tile. Every event have a different look (explain it a bit later) and every event have a time limit. When the limit has expired then you couldn‘t see the event tile any more. When you are on a event tile you couldn‘t move any more like wars in conquest are now. 

The different event tiles: 

Pro League: A pro crystal mountain or hole on the map. You can start a pro league when a can move on that tile (because moving cost the new resscource (you can see under point 3)) and you have a pro ticket to go into the pro league. The kind of playing the pro league wouldn’t change. When you joined one pro event, your alliance member get a message about that. 

Festival: Festival could be a a tile with a flag in the kingdom. When you move to this tile, you joined that running festival. The festival are the same like now. 

War: At the beginning of the map, you can see the region of your alliance (if you are in an alliance). When you go into another region of another alliance, your alliance members would get a message, that a war has been started and the must fight if they want to win. All players of an alliance can fight in that war, they mustn‘t be on the tile. Wars are the same as now. 

Conquest: When you discover a stronghold  of an alliance and you move on that tile, a conquest event will start. Your alliance get informed about that. The conquest mode are still the same es now. 

Pal Hunter Mode: In the kingdom map you wouldn’t get pals from festivals. Festivals are only for new items. Pals you get from the pal hunter mode. That tile would be a forest or something else where pals can be found. When you move on that tile, the event start. When you winning all the fights in that event you get the pal, which has been hiden on that tile. 

Ninja event: You can start a ninja event when you discover and move on a tile with a portal. Your alliance member get informed about that. The ninja event would be the same as now. 

  1. Other 

Flaregames also can add new buildings, troops and towers to the game, if the want. I have only one wish for a new building. The pals should became a new place, where the could be mange in the stronghold. I think that gives more sense as they are in the throne room. 


When you have also ideas to the kingdom map, it maybe could useful when you answered on this topic and write the number for what you like to write something. Thank you. 



I hope this feature can Be implemented in the future. I know that, that features need a lot of programming, but maybe it could come with Version 5.0. 

Wow, this whole topic reminds me of reading a novel…

RR2 isn’t RR2 since the first conquest ?

Great idea, but I think that wouldn‘t be added to the game Boy Flaregames. That‘s also why I have cleared all mi posts in that thread.