Kingdom of Royal Beast

if enemies can do scroll… ALSO us which making our defense stronger!

How about  if we had all this in our defense:


A pack of reinforcements> each every wave our added of 20 moral point.(limited time)


Weather storm> add some difficulties in game such as raining,thunderstorm.(limited time)


Killer Smoke> A fog in each every paths and this will make our traps,towers and troops hide like the way of the ninja…(limited time)


Calling civilians>Workers are going to become part of the troops and attacking enemies beside which they are task to build…(limited time)


MAX Health > TOwers,traps/ or even troops for a limited time / or +additional health if the troops,towers and traps.


MAX attack> TOwers,traps/ or even troops for a limited time / or +additional attack if the troops,towers and traps.


>> PLEASE share ur thoughts here…

How do you envision triggering these defensive bonuses?

I hope it would be happen…

 don’t really agree with these ideas since it would make a raid unfair and people want a fair game(usually)

Current base with high level towers and monsters already causing scroll battle and you want to make it even harder ? Scrolls were design to help player win raids.

I know but better rewards will wait for u… and not all bases will use this further it’s cost pearl/gems

what better rewards ? It still will cost gems to beat thode bases using your suggestion , probably too much making rewards not enough to compensate spending

it’s up to u … cause Strong bases done with their effort … :slight_smile:

Not convinced at all… I personally don’t mind if someone might beat my base - there’s always someone stronger (or willing to spend more gems) who can beat it.

All I mind is my gold getting stolen, but then I’d rather invest my gems directly into a gold shield than buying temporal upgrades for my defense with them…


Also, boosting defense (unlike attack) is really hard to balance:

If you make it time-based it is basically a flatrate, no matter how many attacks you receive they’ll all have to scroll to beat it - seems unfair to me.

If you make it per-attack (or per-X-attacks) however, it’s unfair, too. Because (especially with free food video offers, but even without) someone could just attack you twice, triggering your defense power ups in the first run and then doing a second run without them again. Also, one player attacking you might get badly crushed by your defense boots, while the next attacker then could attack you easily and basically harvest, using the other’s work/attack to trigger your defense boosts. Not to speak of using another (low level) account for triggering the boosts…


Moreover, any defense boosts would have to be balanced in a way, and gem-boosted defense means either a general defense debuff has to occurr first (being unfair to all other players), or a further gem-boosted attack (e.g. hero stats power-ups similar to what you suggest for defense) would have to be implemented… and I don’t like where that road is going: Massive gem battles on both sides with no real value to anyone…


Also, not sure about your “better rewards” argument: What exactly do you mean with that? A stronger/gem-boosted base doesn’t necessarily give you better rewards per se.

I think the gold shield is a good way to defend the castle. With more benefits it will be hard to get higher in ranks.

ahhhh, ok probally my ideas not acceptable … :stuck_out_tongue: